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Wondering What Not to Pack When Moving? Here’s a Useful List

Are you wondering what not to pack when moving to a new home? No matter how close or far away your future address is, there is some stuff that you won’t be allowed to take. Some hazardous items are illegal to transport, so you shouldn’t count on your chosen moving company to ship them. There are also those that you shouldn’t pack in the boxes with the rest of your stuff, but keep them close.

Considering how intricate and overwhelming long-distance relocation can be, it’s quite common for people to forget or overlook some stuff. From non-allowable belongings, heirlooms, and valuables, to important documents, there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind. So, it can be quite easy to lose track. To prevent that from happening and help you organize packing properly, we have prepared a list of the stuff you should skip when you get down to packing.

Forget About Flammable Items

Among the first belongings you should cross off from your list are flammable and combustible items. While most of these are perfectly safe when stored in your house, they can pose a great threat during transport. They are particularly hazardous during summer when the temperatures in the moving truck can get rather high. Some of these include the following: nail polish remover, batteries, matches, and motor oil.

Leave Behind Compressed Gases

Even if we do not realize it, we all have compressed gases among some everyday belongings in our home. Do you have spray paint or spray cleaners in your garage? Do you have a hairspray? Do you like gardening, so you keep weed killers and pesticides? What about that fire extinguisher? All of these are forbidden to take when you’re relocating. Be sure you contact a competent hazardous waste organization in your community to learn how to dispose of compressed gases properly.

Give Any Perishable Foods to Someone You Know or Charity

In addition to hazardous items, you are not supposed to bring any perishables, either. If you happen to have some extra frozen foods, fresh produce, fruit, or meat and dairy products, it might be a good idea to give them to a friend. Better yet, you can contact a charitable organization such as Move for Hunger and give that food to someone who needs it the most.

Get Rid of Old Furniture

Are you already worried about moving furniture? You can make it much easier for yourself or the movers if you get rid of all old furniture pieces that are dear to you, but you know you won’t use them anymore. Why would you waste precious time and energy disassembling these hefty objects and packing them when there’s so much else to do? If you think these can still be of use to someone, it’s a good idea to find out how and where to donate unwanted items.

Tips on What Not to Pack When Moving – What to Do Before You Contact a Moving Company and Request a Free Quote

Before you hire professional movers for the job, think about the prohibited items movers won’t move. You can always figure out how to pack books when moving, but some potentially hazardous things are simply better left behind. Now, in addition to those, there are some other belongings that you shouldn’t pack with the rest of your stuff for other reasons. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you out.

Don’t Leave Important Documents With the Rest of Your Stuff

Your important documents are among the crucial stuff to pack, but not with the rest of your things. That way, they can easily get lost, and we’re sure it’s the last thing you want right now. So, to be on the safe side, keep all your documents close, from your ID and passport to medical records.

Make Sure You Keep Valuables Close

In addition to documents, you should also bring your valuables with you. So, make sure you bring your electronics, jewelry, family heirlooms, and money with you. These include all belongings of sentimental value, too. If you find it irreplaceable, it shouldn’t be back in the truck, but with you all the time.

Find out If There Are Any Specific Rules Regarding Liquor

Most companies do not transport liquor, so before you pack your entire liquor cabinet, be sure that you are, in fact, allowed to bring its content. When you contact your chosen company to ask for a free estimate, ask for more details about these regulations.

Check Whether You’re Allowed to Bring Plants

Some movers might have strict rules about shipping some plants, so you should check this in advance, too. Even if your chosen company doesn’t impose any strict rules, the state you are relocating to might.

Keep a Separate Box With Moving Essentials

No matter how organized you are, relocation is a hectic period. So, to be sure you have all the essentials that you are likely to use during the move-in day, prepare a separate box with essentials. Among many other things, these usually include the following:

  • Mobile phone charger
  • Prescription drugs
  • Pet food
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Toilet paper


So, if you ever wonder how to pack a moving truck like a pro, remember this crucial point – some items are not supposed to be packed in the first place. When you get rid of these unwanted things, and you still can’t seem to handle packing by yourself, remember that you can always organize a packing party.

If you don’t think your friends can be of great help, do not hesitate to turn to expert movers to provide you with packing services. They have the essential packing materials for moving to keep your stuff safe during transport, from boxes to duct tape. In addition to boxes and other supplies, they can also offer some useful tips to guide you through the process. Feel free to rely on expert movers to bring proper supplies and equipment while you enjoy planning your new life in the new home.

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