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How to Use Packing Paper after Moving

Types of packing paper
Types of packing paper

After you have moved to a new home, it is time to unpack all of your things and put them into their respective places. Now that the moving supplies have served their purpose, they now lie around your house, making it look more like a warehouse than a home. There will be plenty of moving boxes and packing materials strewn all over the house and will detract from the home feel. You will need to furnish your new house, which can be difficult if you have a lot of moving boxes and other packing materials lying around. Just throwing everything away is wasteful, if the items are in good condition you could reuse them, or give them to someone else who needs them. You’re wondering how to use packing paper after moving?

How to Reuse Packing Paper

use packing paper
Packing paper has plenty of uses around the home

Like most paper, packing paper is very easy to recycle. All you have to do is to take it to the recycling bin after unpacking. But recycling perfectly usable packing paper can be wasteful as there are plenty of things that you can do with it instead:

Use Packing Paper Around the House

  1. Protecting various surfaces around the home when you are doing repair work, decorating or making an art project. The packing paper protects the various surfaces from minor damage such as scratches
  2. Use packing paper to cover your table when eating. The packing paper will not only keep the table clean but will also make it easier to clean after the meal
  3. An unprinted packing paper is great for cleaning glass surfaces around the home. Cleaning glass surfaces with packing paper will make the glass sparkle and doesn’t leave behind any lint
  4. Take a few wadded up pieces of packing paper and stuff them inside your purses, shoes, hats, etc. while they are not being worn to help them keep their shape. The paper will protect your shoes from moisture, preventing the buildup of mildew and disagreeable odors
  5. Packing paper is not printed with ink which can be toxic for animals, so it is perfectly safe to keep around them. You can use packing paper to line your bird’s cage, shred it for hamster bedding, etc.
  6. Put down a few sheets of packing paper underneath the items in the pantry and on the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. It will prevent damage from stains and spills. You can also line your desk and dresser drawers with it too. It will help prevent the buildup of moisture around your clothes or office supplies
  7. By cutting and stacking smaller pieces of packing paper, you can use it as a notepad.
  8. Packing paper can be used to wrap any items you wish to store in your new home and can act as effective cushioning material when you are storing your household items
  9. If you have to leave your car outside during the winter, cover your windshield with packing paper. Put the wipers over the paper to keep it from being blown away. This will protect the windscreen from both snow and frost and is easy to remove. You just have to lift the sheet.
  10. Packing paper is an ideal item for kindling and is safe to burn in a fireplace.

Using Packing Paper for Gardening

Packing paper is not just useful indoors, and it can also be put to use in your garden too:

  1. Shred or tear the packing paper into strips and put it in the compost bin. Packing paper is considered a carbon-rich composting material that provides microbes the energy they need. Every now and again add some water and turn the pile. After a few weeks, you’ll have rich homemade soil fertilizer
  2. Tear the packing paper into strips and put a layer of strips around the base of each plant. Cover the strips of paper with leaves, soil, and grass clippings. The paper will block young  weeds from taking root and after it breaks down to enrich the soil
  3. You can use packing paper to speed up the ripening process. If you want fruits or vegetables to ripen faster, wrap it in packing paper and store them somewhere dry and cool
  4. You can fold packing paper and make it into a bowl that you can use for potting soil and seedlings. These bowls are ideal for the job because they have excellent drainage and aeration. The fact that they are biodegradable means that you can plant them right into the ground once the seedlings have sprouted.

Use Packing Paper for Entertainment

All of your packing supplies can be used to provide hours of fun and entertainment, but packing paper is particularly suitable for art projects. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Your kids can use packing paper like drawing paper, all you have to do is flatten it and let your kids draw and paint on it
  • Use packing paper to cover your textbooks, books, and notebooks to help keep them clean and protect them. Your kids can draw pictures or put stickers on these covers to make them prettier.
  • Use packing paper to make paper mache
  • You can make paper baskets out of packing paper 
  • During summer you can use packing paper to make paper hats for your family to wear while they are in the yard during the summer, etc.

It is also a good idea to store clean and undamaged sheets of packing paper for your next move, give them away to someone who is about to move, or even offer them to anyone who might need them for free using sites like Craigslist and Freecycle.

Recycling Packing Paper

recycle packing paperIf you can’t think of anything to do with your packing paper, you will have to get rid of it. One of the best ways to dispose of your unwanted packing paper is by recycling it. Unlike wrapping paper which often can’t be recycled because it is glitter-coated or laminated, regular brown or white packing paper is completely recyclable. Just put it in the blue recycling bin or bring it to your nearest recycling center.

We hope that our article on how to use packing paper after moving has been of some use to you. If you are in need of a moving company to help you with your move, look no further than Long Distance Moving Experts. We provide professional moving services that can help you to get all of your things to your new home. Contact our Long Distance Moving Experts support staff, who will answer any questions about the move or our services, and help you schedule the move.