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Tips for Packing the Home Office

Tips for Packing the Home OfficeToday, a home office isn’t just a place to store all the paperwork, nor is it a room for dumping all the things that don’t fit anywhere else. It is a fully functional place that people use on a daily basis as they work from home. But if you’re planning to move, that means you need to invest more time in packing, since you need to figure out the best way to handle the home office area. That’s why it’s so important to follow some tips.

Gather important documents

First of all, sort out the important documents and pack them in your “carry on” bag. Birth certificates, passports, car titles, loan documents, insurance information, and school, medical, and vet documents should stay with you during the entire moving process. Place them all in a large envelope or folder that will be with you.


Back up your files

Tips for Packing the Home OfficeThe last thing you want to do is to lose work files during a move. Back everything up via an external hard drive or an online storage service. Once you have backed up all important files in the computer, separate all the components and hardware devices, and cover it in bubble wrap.


Leave the documents locked in cabinets

Once you decide you’re moving, take an inventory of everything in your home office to decide what should be packed first. You can save yourself some time and money by not emptying out the drawers and files containing documentation. Most file cabinets come with locks, so lock those, keeping the keys safe.

Packing the furniture

If it is possible, disassemble office furniture. While doing it try to keep all the parts from each furniture piece together. Separate and label it so you can quickly put everything back together once you finish your move. If you can’t disassemble furniture, protect it with pads before loading. Tape non-removable cabinets and drawers to keep them shut. Test the tape on a small area to ensure it doesn’t damage the finishing of the furniture.


Packing the books

If you have many books in your office, get some cardboard boxes. Place them so that the spine of the book touches the bottom. The other option is to pack the books flat on the bottom. Sentimentally valuable books should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and then put into separate boxes. Make sure you don’t pack them with the spine facing up as the glue can loosen its grip.

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