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Things To Do Before Professional Packers Arrive

Things to do before proffesional packers arriveA successful move begins before the packers arrive. Even if you have hired the moving company that best suits your needs, you still need to learn how to prepare for the packers before they come to perform their duties. At first, you may think that packers will deal with everything, but once you think about it further, you will realize that they will pack all your belongings – even those you prefer not to take with you. We are here to provide a list of the moving day essential things to do before the professional packers arrive.

Clean Your Home of Useless Items

Go through your things and set aside the stuff you shouldn’t bother moving to your new place. Decide on the spot what you will do with each item – sell the ones that still have any market value, give away some of them to family members and close friends, donate still useful things to various charitable organizations, or throw away the worthless stuff for recycling. This will reduce your moving load and your unpacking at your destination.


Make a List or Snap Photos of All Your Furnishings and Belongings

Take out your trusted digital camera and take plenty of photos of your household items before packers come to pack. Concentrate your photographic skills on valuables and antiques, and make sure you produce numerous close-up shots as well. By doing so, you will ensure that you receive them all at the other end of your move. Also, you may need this for the insurance claim in case of an accident or if damage occurs.


Pack Essentials For The First Night or Two

Pack an essentials box for the first night or two at your new residence. It will remove the need to unpack immediately upon arrival. These commonly include medicines, enough clothing for the duration of the move, personal items, work stuff, and other essentials. Pack these things ahead of time, and don’t lose the box.


Prepare Your Furniture

Your essential job during moving process is to make sure you determine the easiest and safest way for your large furniture to get out of your home. Doing it will significantly make mover’s job easier and lower the possibility of damage. Measure your doors to see if furniture can get out and empty drawers and compartments. Don’t try to disassemble the furniture on your own..


Organize and Label Rooms

Have all your kitchen items in your kitchen, for example, and use signs to mark every room so the packers can mark boxes accordingly. Always mark the object with its label, if it’s going to switch places in your new home.


Remember, moving can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. If you put a little work in ahead of time, you’ll save yourself hours once you’re in your new home. If you’re looking for more moving help from the experts at Long Distance Moving Experts, check out our other blogs or give us a call.