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Long Distance Moving to and from Seattle: Why it’s a good idea

Looking for a go-to city for young people with lots of educational opportunities as well as good fun? Look no further. Long Distance Moving Experts will help you make moving to Seattle enjoyable, and at low prices too.

Note this

The ever-growing population of Seattle has recently reached just over 600.000 people, not including many picturesque suburban neighborhoods that surround the city and offer idyllic places to raise a family. Moving into one of these will be a life-altering decision and the best one you’ve made!

Diverse community

The weather

The vibrant, acceptive community of the city of Seattle won’t make you think twice about relocating anywhere else in the world. Whether you belong to the LGBT community or are just looking for a place that is known to be kind and welcoming to anyone, this is just it. Their large community of activists will make you feel safe and protected from biased people and give you friendly support. In addition to this, Seattle is home to various dance clubs, bars and nightclubs. Our personal favorites include:
Club Contour , an affordable dance club.
Re-Bar , a gay-friendly bar that organizes theme nights.
Tractor Tavern , where you can listen to amazing rock and grunge bands live.
Seattle also hosts occasional festivities, such as the Pride Parade. The best way to check out what they have got to offer is by paying a visit to this site and it’s time to start planning the trip soon!

One more reason to avoid moving anywhere else, the very comfortable year round climate. On average, there are 152 sunny days per year in Seattle, Washington.The average July temperature is around 76 degrees, which means long cool days without the scorching heat. But the most notable trait of this city is its annual rainfall rate, that earned it a convenient nickname: The City of Rain. Once you start packing, don’t forget your umbrella.


You may have heard that the wealthiest person on the planet currently, Bill Gates, is a Seattle native. Born here, the computer magnate and a well-known philanthropist had many opportunities to grow and become who he is today. If you are a high-achieving individual looking for a hands-on approach to studies, the University of Washington will offer you just that. In addition to that, there are myriads of ways of volunteering and contributing to the community in the city of Seattle. Only some of these organizations are, for example, Food Lifeline, Seattle Humane and PAWS, if you seek to contribute to animal welfare, or Adopt-A-Street if you are passionate about saving the environment.

Moving into a new house, in one of Seattle’s neighborhoods is a task for us. But for you, it is the beginning of a new life, a fresh start. You will walk into it carefree, knowing that we have your back with shipping a car across country, long-distance moving and that our movers and packers are there to meet your every need. Contact our representatives today to get the best moving price estimates and schedule the date of your relocation.

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