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How to Save Money When Moving To another State

Saving moneyRelocation is stressful, we all know that. There is simply so much you have to keep in mind – deadlines, packing, change of address… And if you have pets or children, it’s all the more difficult. But one of the biggest stress-inducers when moving home is money. We all want a high-quality moving service for a low price. Now, this may sound a little unreasonable, but it is not as impossible as you might think. Granted, your relocation will still bring certain expenses, but there are ways in which you can economize. So in order to help you move on a tight budget, we at Cross Country Movers Group have decided to put together some tips on how to do so. Without further ado, here is how to save money when moving to another state.

Hire a Moving Company

        You are probably thinking that this is the least money-saving tip we could give you. But you are wrong. In fact, all things considered, hiring professional movers can be significantly cheaper than doing it on your own. Not to mention that only professional movers can do the job, well, professionally.

Know When the Best Time to Move Is

        In the moving industry, there are periods when professional movers are in demand. In fact, it has been estimated than more than half of annual relocations across America take place between the months of May and September. During this time, the prices of relocation services go slightly up. So if you want to save some money on your relocation, consider moving during the winter. Additionally, Fridays are the busiest days for moving, so you might want to do it on a Sunday or a Monday.

Know What to Move

        There are numerous factors that moving companies take into consideration when calculating the cost of your relocation. One of the most important ones is the weight of the belongings that will be shipped. So, obviously, reducing the weight of your cargo will also reduce the price of your relocation. Pack only the things you need and value, and get rid of everything that has been sitting on your shelves collecting dust for ages.

Cash in on Your Relocation

        Now that you have set aside the things that you don’t want to take with you to your new home, don’t just throw them out. Organize a garage sale or sell those items online. Granted you won’t make too much money off of it, but it will still refresh your moving budget. In addition, studies have shown that de-cluttering your household is highly beneficial to your mental health.

Pack Wisely

        Another important factor that goes into calculating the price of your relocation is the volume of your belongings. This means that saving space will save you some money as well. Our advice: don’t pack everything into moving boxes. Use the things you have in your household for storage, such as suitcases or Tupperware. In addition, consider packing some items into plastic bags. They are much easier to fit into tighter spaces. However, only pack soft unbreakable items in them, such as blankets or pillows. Also, keep in mind that some moving companies refuse to transport items in bags, so make sure you read the fine print before you begin packing.

Economize on Packing Supplies

        Even if this is your first time moving home, that still doesn’t have to mean that you need to buy new packing supplies. There are numerous ways in which you can save money on them. For example, instead of buying moving boxes, ask your local stores and your friends whether they have any spare boxes that they don’t need. Usually, grocers can’t wait to get rid of all that cardboard. Additionally, instead of buying packing paper or bubble wrap, consider using what you already have in your household. Blankets, towels, and other pieces of cloth can protect your valuables just as well.

Know Which Services To Request

        Hiring a moving company and requesting their full package will cost quite a bit. So we recommend that you pick and choose those services that you feel you really need. For example, consider asking your friends to help you pack instead of hiring professionals to do it. Or, instead of requesting car shipping services, drive to your new address (additionally, you can take some of the household items with you, which will reduce the price of the relocation even more).

Know Who to Hire

        Hiring a company that offers you the lowest price estimate might seem like a good idea. However, it is not. Companies with unreasonably low prices are usually frauds that will pile up ’unexpected costs and expenses’ as soon as they get ahold of your belongings. This can turn your relocation into a real nightmare and put a huge strain on both your budget and your nerves. That is why going with a reasonably priced moving company is the best idea.

Ask Your Movers If You Are Eligible for a Discount

        Most moving companies offer discounts of various values to certain customers. Are you an army veteran or an active military personnel? Are you a student, a single parent, or retired? Make sure you check with the moving company of your choice whether you qualify for a moving discount. More often than not, you will find that movers will find a way to make relocation more affordable for you.

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