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Moving to and from Santa Barbara, California with Long Distance Moving Experts

Are you looking for reliable Santa Barbara movers to help you relocate to the state of California? Then you have come to the right place. We at Long Distance Moving Experts will be more than happy to help you. We will provide you with state-of-the-art moving services, including:
– Professional packing services (includes disassembling, packing, unpacking, reassembling, debris removal)
– Professional loading and unloading service
– Quick and reliable interstate transport
– Car shipping services (includes terminal-to-terminal, door-to-door car shipping in open and enclosed auto carriers)
– Storage units (climate-controlled, safe, and free for the first month)
– Insurance
– Free moving price estimate (via telephone or in-home)
– And so much more.
Feel free to ask our representatives for more information regarding our services. And while our professional movers are doing all the hard work, you will have enough free time on your hands to learn more about the city you are moving to. In order to make that task easier, we at Long Distance Moving Experts have put together this short article.

About Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is a city located in the Santa Barbara County in the state of California. It is home to around 90,000 residents and lies on a little less than 42,000 square miles of land. It is located between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific coast. The city is a popular tourist destination and an important educational hub. It was incorporated as a city in 1850, and named after Saint Barbara.

The Weather in Santa Barbara, California

Just like the majority of coastal California, Santa Barbara belongs to a warm-summer Mediterranean climate zone. Summers are warm and mostly dry, with average high temperatures usually revolving around 76 °F in August. Winters are chilly and stormy, with quite a bit of rain. The average low temperature in January is slightly above 46 °F. Snow is somewhat frequent on the Santa Ynez Mountains, but you are unlikely to see it in the city itself. If you are interested in seeing the current weather conditions in Santa Barbara, California, as well as a ten-day forecast, click here .

The Economy of Santa Barbara, California

The economy of Santa Barbara mostly relies on tourism. There are, however, other prolific sectors in the city, such as education, services, technology, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and agriculture. The city is home to a number of large employers, such as the University of California at Santa Barbara , the County of Santa Barbara , Cottage Heath System , Santa Barbara City College , Santa Barbara Unified School District , City of Santa Barbara , Raytheon Electronic Systems , Sansum Medical Foundation Clinic , Santa Barbara County Education Office , and the United States Postal Service . Are you planning on finding a job in Santa Barbara once you have settled down? If that is the case, we suggest you start your search by clicking here .

The Neighborhoods of Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is home to a wide array of neighborhoods. Each one has its own history, architecture, and culture. Choosing the right one for yourself is not an easy task. That is why we at Long Distance Moving Experts have put together a list of the city’s neighborhoods for you to choose from:
– The Mesa. Located in close vicinity to Santa Barbara City College, this neighborhood is great for college kids. It is only a short walk away from the ocean, which makes it quite desirable.
– Mission Canyon. If you enjoy being in touch with the nature, spending time in the great outdoors, and hiking in your free time, this is the perfect place for you. This is probably one of the most scenic areas of the city.
– The Riviera. This neighborhood strongly resembles Mediterranean coastal towns of Italy. That is actually how it got its name. Due to the area’s geography, homes in the Riviera have breathtaking ocean-front views. Needless to say, these come at a considerable price.
– The Westside. Another great neighborhood for those who are coming to Santa Barbara for school, the Westside is home to the Santa Barbara City College. It is located between the State Street and the Mesa.
If you are interested in finding out more about other neighborhoods in Santa Barbara, click here . And if you have chosen the perfect place for yourself, it is time to start looking for your new home. We suggest you begin your search here .

Things to Do in Santa Barbara, California

Once you move to Santa Barbara, California, there will be a whole new city for you to explore. And we can guarantee, whatever your interests are, you will find something that suits your taste. Here are some of our suggestions:
Santa Barbara Zoo  – home to almost 150 different species.
Moreton Bay Fig Tree  – located in Balboa Park, this is one of the largest trees in the state of California.
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden – the perfect way to get in touch with nature and learn about unusual plants along the way.
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History  – speaking about nature, this place is definitely something you should visit.
Reagan Ranch Center – a gallery dedicated to the 40th president of the United States of America.
There is so much more we could recommend in Santa Barbara. However, we believe that going out and exploring the city for yourself is what makes the experience so enriching. If you would like to see more suggestions on places to visit and things to do in Santa Barbara, California, click here .

Are you ready to move? Then contact Long Distance Moving Experts right away. We will make your dream of living in Santa Barbara come true. We will provide you with the highest quality services at reasonable prices. All you have to do is give us a call and schedule your relocation. We are looking forward to helping you move to Santa Barbara, California.

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