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Have you started thinking about leaving your city and moving someplace else? Are you thinking about moving to another country? If so, we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s no better choice than California. If you have decided to move to California, one of the best cities in the state that you can choose to live in is without a doubt Santa Ana, and you are just about to find out why. But, before we move on to tell you a little bit more about this wonderful city, we have to mention a not so enjoyable, yet necessary part of this huge step that you want to take – the relocation process alone. It would be amazing if you could just magically move wherever you want, but, as you know, that’s not possible, so it’s important that you start thinking about the very procedure of your relocation on time. The first thing that you need to take care of is to find a reliable long distance moving company. In other words, you need to hire Long Distance Moving Experts to help you go through this intricate and time-consuming part of your move.
Long Distance Moving Experts is a moving company with long experience in the business which offers a wide range of moving services to its customers. Not only do we guarantee the high-quality of our services, but we also offer the best moving prices. With us, you don’t have to fear the eye-watering prices that make you feel dizzy. Take a look at the following list of some of the services we provide you with:
Residential moving
Professional packing
Budget moving
Auto transportation
Storage services
Once you decide you’re ready to do something about your relocation to Santa Ana, California, you can contact our representatives and ask for more details about the services and ask any other questions that you might have. Out main aim is to help you as much as possible in every single step during your relocation process, from the beginning to the very end, so feel free to ask for any additional information and clarification before we start the process.
Now, as we promised, let us move on to the most important information about the city you will call home in not so distant future. Read on and learn a little bit more about Santa Ana, California.

Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana is a city located in Southern California. It is the seat of Orange County. With an estimated population of 335,400, the city ranks as the second-most populous in the county, but only 57th most-populous in the United States, so if you’re moving from a huge and highly populated city, living in Santa Ana will be a nice change for you. Santa Ana belongs to Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana metropolitan area, the second-largest in the country. Santa Ana was founded in 1869 and soon afterward, in 1889, it was set to serve as the seat of the county. It proved to be particularly important during World War II due to the fact that a training center for the United States Army Air Forces was located in the city. Its population started growing rapidly after WWII and it has been constantly growing ever since. When it comes to the racial composition, even though there has been a drop in the number of white residents since the 1950s when they accounted for around 98% of the population, they still make up the great majority (45.9%). Asians rank as the second-most dominant with 10.5%, while the number of African Americans is the lowest – they account for only 1.5%.
It’s interesting to note that, before it became a city in the 19th century, Santa Ana was just a mustard field. However, today it is a developed city which has been named as the fourth-safest one in the country, so remember this if you’re still having second thoughts about moving there. In case you want to learn more interesting and less-known facts about the city, you can find a list of such facts here .

The Climate of Santa Ana, California

One thing that Santa Ana is known for is its pleasant weather throughout the year. More precisely, you’ll be happy to hear that the city is sometimes referred to as “the sunny capital of Southern California”. The climate of Santa Ana is categorized as semi-arid, which means that the city experiences hot and dry summers and mild winters. Once you move to Santa Ana, you will get to enjoy beautiful sunny days most of the time, and even when it’s not sunny, the weather is still mild and pleasant. It was back in 1918 when the lowest temperature ever in the city was recorded and it wasn’t even that low after all – it dropped to −6 °C. So, once the winter comes, you don’t have to worry about snow, but only put up with moderate rainfalls.

The Neighborhoods in Santa Ana, California

When you choose the state and the city you want to move to, you can’t simply leave it at that and consider you’ve done all your work. You can’t forget that you also need to choose the exact part of the city that you want to live in. To help you do that, we have gathered five top-recommended neighborhoods in Santa Ana. Take a look at the list, read more about the ones that sound appealing to you and perhaps one of them will prove to be perfect for you.
Thornton Park
Morning Sunwood
Portola Park
Metro Classic
Meredith Parkwood
We are sure you simply can’t wait to start your life in California and spend your free time on beautiful beaches, as Santa Ana is located only 10 miles away from the California coast. Sounds amazing, don’t you think? So don’t waste your time, but make a move, do something about your relocation. Call Long Distance Moving Experts and let us know when you want us to start planning your relocation. We are at your disposal anytime of the day.

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