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How many times have you ordered a service and got exactly what you wanted? Not many
times right? LDME services gave me just that feeling, of being completely satisfied with their work, the whole moving process, from the scheduling to delivery. It was almost too cheap for the services we’ve got, which included shipment tracking, and packing with full residential move. LDME really raised the standards.

– Jean B

I can’t even begin to tell you how stressed I was with the moving process, especially because it was a long distance one, and we have two kids, and two dogs, not to mention a whole house of belongings and everything that goes with having so many little ones. I was put at ease with the crew from LDME, so much so that I’m thinking about hiring them for our family trips 😀 they’ve been so understanding, so professional, and everything we own, along with us, is now safe in this beautiful new place, thanks to LDME!!

– Katie O

I don’t usually hope for much when I come across a service online, but after contacting the representative for LDME, to do a cross country move, I was pleasantly surprised. They could schedule us right away, and moved all our stuff in less time than I had anticipated. There were no hidden fees, no double-crossing, just people doing their job responsibly. Very grateful for their help.

– Sam K

Opting for LDME in a sea of long distance moving companies wasn’t easy, but some good reviews I’d seen online helped out a lot. No one complained of any deal-breaking schams and damages, and people were genuinely satisfied with their services and prices. So I gave them a shot, with my moving and car shipping, and they didn’t disappoint. Every request was honored, every scheduled time was also respected, and ultimately there were no hiccups with my moving experience. I’d gladly hire them again!

– Lola B

Many run ins with many moving companies. yet I hardly ever meet such a dedicated crew, both moving and assistance wise. I wanted to share this with people who are looking for a good, reliable company, for movers who can be trusted. There is no doubt that you get exactly what you paid for, and that is something we rarely see anymore. LDME has all the best marks from me, keep up the good work guys, and see you in my next move!

– Jessica O

I was moving around quite a lot in my twenties, and now that I am older and have my own family, I wanted to move again. The problem was that I had some bad experiences with moving companies and didn’t know what to do about that. So I asked the smartest person I know, and she recommended you guys. I can’t speak for other people, but I was glad to have found a company I can fully trust. They removed my fear of dealing with moving crews and uncertainty of what kind of bill am I to expect. Thanks Guys!

– Lonnie K

Trying to pack everything by myself ended in such a disaster I had to call the professionals 😀 and when they came, I wanted to keep them forever. Just kidding, the guys were awesome, and they made jokes and packed my mess very professionally. I might know numbers and theory, but practice I am lacking and thank you LDME crew for helping me out with this, I(Tim) will never forget it ! hope you have a good one. and get me a discount next time 😛

– Tim T

There was many things I was sure I would say, but Thank god for LDME was just not something I expected I would say. I was not into hiring a moving crew at all, but my husband got ill suddenly, and we had no choice, our move couldn’t be delayed. LDME saved me from paying so much money in fees and gave me enough time to go and tend to my husband in hospital. They understood my troubles, and didn’t use this sad event to make off with more money, as some other moving company might have. I’m very grateful.

– Wendy P

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