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The State of Oregon

Oregon was formally made part of the United States in 1846 and Oregon was admitted as the 33rd state in 1859. That same year, a 33rd star was added to the national flag. The origins of the name Oregon are not known officially but one theory is that it comes from a French word ouragan which means hurricane. Another theory is the name refers to a mythical river of the west Ouragon. Oregon’s state nickname is the Beaver State. The capital city of Oregon is Salem and its largest city is Portland. Oregon is the only state flag to carry two separate designs featuring a beaver on its reverse side. Oregon contains over 106.000 miles of rivers and streams and over 75 major lakes. At 98,000 square miles, there is a population of 4 million and Oregon is the 27th most populous U.S. state. The Beaver State has 36 counties, and the largest cities are:
-Portland  with almost 600,000 residents
-Eugene  has 150,000 residents
-Salem  has population of over 150,000
-Gresham  has population of over 100,000
-Hillsboro  has almost 100,000 residents
Oregon is bordered on its west by the Pacific Ocean, north by Washington, south by California, east by Idaho, and southeast by Nevada.

Climate in Oregon

Oregon enjoys a mild, though varied climate with only a rare occurrence of devastating weather elements such as cloudbursts, tornadoes, or hailstorms. The climate varies by the state. The state's southwestern portion has a Mediterranean climate with drier and sunnier winters and hotter summers. Oregon's northeastern portion has a steppe climate, while weather in western Oregon is heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean with a lot of rain year around. The eastern part of Oregon has cold, snowy winters and very dry summers.

Job Opportunities

Oregon’s labor force is more than two million strong. Three out of five of the state’s working-age population is involved in the labor force. Employment in trade, transportation, and utilities accounts for nearly one out of five Oregon jobs, making it the state’s largest industry sector. Federal, state and local government jobs are the next largest group, followed by private education and health services, and professional and business services. The unemployment rate in Oregon is 5.30%, with job growth of 2.75%.
The top employers in Oregon represent diverse industries. Here are the five largest employers in the state:
- Providence Health System employs about 18,500 Oregonians.
- Intel  company employs 17,500 people.
- Fred Meyer  employs 14,500 people across Oregon.
- Oregon Health & Science University  has about 14,600 employees.
- Wal-Mart  has more than 10,000 employees.

Oregon Attractions

-Crater Lake National Park  lies in the Cascade Mountains in the southwestern part of the state. Lake is almost exactly circular, and the whole landscape is like nowhere else.
-Cannon Beach  is one of the most popular seaside resorts located 80 miles to the west of Portland.
-Washington Park in Portland  includes a zoo, forestry museum, children’s museum, rose garden, Japanese garden, picnic areas, playgrounds, and many acres of wild forest with miles of trails.
-Mount Hood National Forest  is an unmistakable landmark located twenty miles east of the city of Portland. The Forest extends south from the Columbia River Gorge across more than 60 miles of forested mountains, lakes, and streams.
-Oregon Caves National Monument  is located in the northern Siskiyou Mountains of southwestern Oregon. Activities at the park include cave touring, hiking, photography, and wildlife viewing.
-Willamette National Forest  is located along the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains and covers nearly 1.7 million acres.
-Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area  is located near the small town of Joseph in northeast Oregon. With few paved roads leading into the area, most visitors enter the canyon by jet boat.

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