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Office Relocation Tips

Office relocation tipsCorporate relocation is an overwhelming, stressful, and skillful task that requires proper and adequate handling. Strategic planning for office relocation can make the difference between a smooth transition with little to no lost hours of operation and a hectic relocation with costly downtime. Some of the following tips can help you make a move come in on time and budget.


Planning your office move

Plan your move as early as possible. Business relocations are often planned six months, and significant commercial moves can require up to two years of planning. First of all, evaluate what needs to be moved and decide what should be donated or securely eliminated. Advanced planning will reduce unnecessary hiccups. Also, don’t forget about employees, keep employees in the loop as your plans unfold so they can manage workflow appropriately and support a smooth transition process.


Hire professional moving company early

Moving an office require transport of a lot of equipment, so be sure to hire a full-service moving company at least two months ahead of time. Ask them to give you an on-site quote for the move and get recommendations from others who have moved before.


Involve employees in the process

Involving your people in the process not only helps you assess needs but gives them an outlet to express their concerns and desires for the new space. This kind of involvement is critical if employees will be undergoing comprehensive change during the move – for instance having to work in new ways. Training early and helping people understand the “why” of new modalities will help ease the transition.  


Change addresses ahead of time

Be sure to change your address, both physical and digital, ahead of time. List any imminent changes on your website so that when people search your business online, they’ll be aware of any address changes that could affect their visit. You should also leave a disclaimer on your voicemail, so those who call ahead of time will be notified of your change of location, and when it’s useful.


Take time to tour the new office location

One of the most important office relocation tip is to make sure that you take the time to tour your new office location thoroughly before you begin moving items in. When you have a good idea of the physical layout of the space, not just by looking at the floor plan, you’ll be able to organize your furniture better and figure out who will sit where. When you have a solid game plan, it’ll be much easier to move your belongings in and place them where they have to be, rather than organize again once you’ve unloaded everything.


Change management after the move

After successfully move there still will be issued to iron out. Once staff arrives at new locations you might need to run additional training sessions. Other pressures can be encountered in the use of what are now shared resources, such as limited conference rooms with video capabilities. Don’t forget to listen to people. It is vital that people continue to feel that their feedback is being considered.


No one ever said moving was fun or easy, but with sufficient advanced planning, you can minimize logistical hassles without client disruption.