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Moving from New Jersey to Nevada with Long Distance Moving Experts

You feel the need to start anew someplace else, so you’ve decided to leave New Jersey and move to another state. But, for this big change, you will have to hire the professional long distance movers to help you with relocation. Long Distance Moving Experts are among the best long distance movers in the country, with great experience in the business. There are countless reasons why you should decide to contact Long Distance Moving Experts. You’ll be glad to know that we take into consideration all your demands and requests and we do our best to make the process of relocation fit your schedule and requirements perfectly. Long Distance Moving Experts will map out a trajectory and will make a detailed check-off list which will ease the difficulties associated with a long distance move. The basic of every moving process is residential relocation and our team of long distance movers is well trained to maintain the quality of this services. Our packers ensure the safety of your belongings with their careful and professional packing and handling methods:

Our service does not end when your packages arrive at the new destination. Our professionals, New Jersey movers, will also assist you with unpacking and placing of your furniture where you wish them to be. Our team of packers and movers will be there with the right tools and expertise to arrange and assemble your items.

One crucial task that needs to be handled with care is auto transport. New Jersey movers are able to organize car shipping from any city in the United States. Similarly, your future destination is not important since we can ship your car to any place in the country. Every part of the long distance move requires great organization and auto transport is not an exception. New Jersey movers are experienced and capable of doing it without any problem. What you have to do is tell us whether you want your vehicle to be shipped on an open or enclosed carrier. Our professional moving company can also provide you with door to door and terminal to terminal delivery. New Jersey movers will give you advice and tips regarding your moving process.

Now, read on to learn more about your chosen destination – Nevada.


Situated between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada in the western U.S., Nevada ranks seventh in size among the 50 states. Nevada is bordered by Oregon and Idaho to the north, by Utah and Arizona to the east, and by California to the south and west. Nevada’s capital city is Carson City and its largest city is Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the gambling capital of America.
The name Nevada is derived from the Spanish word that means snowcapped. Because of the state’s abundant growth of wild sage, the state is known as the “Sagebrush State.” Nevada is also called the “Battle Born State” because it became a state in 1864, during the Civil War, as the 36th state. Nevada is also known as the Silver State due to a large amount of silver it can be found within its borders. Because many people and companies came here in the 19th century for the silver and there are mines all around the state extracting it.

Nevada has a varied landscape. It’s impossible to go anywhere in Nevada without seeing mountains. Nevada is home to more mountain ranges than any other U.S. state, with approximately 315 named mountain ranges. In these ranges are 43 named peaks exceeding 10.000 feet in elevation. Its highest peak is 13.145 feet at Boundary Peak. Nevada has more than 44000 acres of manmade reservoirs, 2760 miles of streams, 23 designated wilderness areas, and 8.6 million acres of national forest.
Nevada has the population of about 2,5 million people. But it’s interesting that more than 78% of the population lives in Reno, Carson City, and Las Vegas. By dismissing these cities, Nevada’s total population would be only around 200.000. Nevada has one of the lowest population densities in America with only 21 people per square mile. Although the 7th largest state, Nevada has a total of only 128 cities and towns. Out of 128, only 39 have the population greater than 1000.

Climate in Nevada

Nevada is the driest state in the United States. It is made up of mostly desert and semiarid climate regions. In summer, between June and September, the temperatures can climb up to extremes like 125°F, and in winter, from December to February, temperatures at night can drop as low as -50°F, but these are the record temperature extremes while averages are substantially milder in most of Nevada. Humidity is usually low.

Where to live in Nevada

Nearly three-quarters of the people living in Nevada live in the Las Vegas area, but the Silver State offers many other great places to live. By using some information about the crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities, we suggest you think about next places:

-Reno has a lot to offer. Known as “The Biggest Little City in the World” because of its outstanding western hospitality, fine dining, entertaining stage shows, top-name performers, history, culture, and 24-hour gaming excitement, Reno is an excellent choice.
-Sparks is a great small town. Located less than 4 miles away from Reno at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Sparks is a fast-growing community with lots of great neighborhoods to raise a family in.
-Carson City, Nevada’s capital, has a relaxed college-town vibe that attracts people of all ages. There are many places to work such as the hospital, state agencies, factories or any of the local businesses. Overall, Carson City is a comfortable town where everyone is welcome!
-Henderson is about 16 miles southeast of Las Vegas. It is a popular retreat for those seeking an escape from Sin City’s hustle and bustle, but who want proximity to its exciting attractions.
Have you already chosen one of these cities to be your new home? If so, contact our long distance movers as soon as possible to start the moving process.

Economy and Job Opportunities

The economy of Nevada is tied to tourism, mining, and cattle ranching. The unemployment rate is 4.1%. Compared to the national average of 4.7% it seems you will easily find a job once you relocate here. Approximately 11.5% of the labor force is employed in construction, 3.8% in manufacturing, 17.6% in trade, transportation, and public utilities, 5.2% in financial activities, 12.2% in professional and business services, 6.8% in education and health services, 26.2% in leisure and hospitality services, and 11.5% in government.

Education in Nevada

Education in Nevada is achieved through public and private elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as colleges and universities. Some of the institutions of the higher education are:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
University of Nevada, Reno
Nevada State College
Truckee Meadows Community College
Great Basin College
College of Southern Nevada 
Western Nevada College
Sierra Nevada College
Touro University of Nevada
Roseman University Of Health Sciences  

Did we manage to convince you that state of New Jersey is the place for you? If so, contact Long Distance Moving Experts,one of the best moving companies around, and start packing immediately. Our New Jersey movers will help you with as little stress as possible. Whether you need help with packing or car shipping, our professional employees will meet all your needs and requirements regarding your long distance relocation.

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