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Are you looking for New Haven movers to help you relocate to the state of Connecticut? Then you are in the right place. Long Distance Moving Experts are at your disposal. We will provide you with the highest quality moving services, such as:
– Professional packing and unpacking services
– Loading and unloading service
– Quick and safe transport
– Car shipping services
– Free storage units
– Moving supplies and packing materials
– Moving insurance
– And so much more.
Feel free to contact our representatives to request additional information. But before you give us a call, you might want to take some time to read more about the city you are moving to.

About New Haven, Connecticut

The city of New Haven is located in the state of Connecticut. It lies on the New Haven Harbor in New Haven County. This is the second largest city in the state, right after Bridgeport. It is home to around 130,000 residents.
The city of New Haven was founded in the 17th century by English Puritans. It was officially incorporated as a city in 1784. Throughout the history, it served as a co-capital of the state, until the governance was transferred to Hartford. However, New Haven remains the “Cultural Capital of Connecticut”.

The Weather in New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven is located on the border between the humid continental and humid subtropical climate zones. Summers in the city are quite hot and humid. Average summer temperatures regularly exceed 80°F. Thundershowers during this time of the year are quite common. New Haven winters are relatively cold, with both rain and snow. If you are considering moving to New Haven, make sure you bring your umbrella with you.

The Economy of New Haven, Connecticut

The economy of the city was at first based on manufacturing. Today, however, it mostly relies on services, primarily education and healthcare. A number of large employers call New Haven home. These include the Yale University, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Southern Connecticut State University, Assa Abloy Manufacturing, Knights of Columbus, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Higher One, Covidien, and United Illuminating. If you are planning on finding a job once you move to New Haven, we suggest you start your search by clicking here .

The Neighborhoods of New Haven, Connecticut

The city of New Haven is home to a number of distinct neighborhoods. Choosing the right one for yourself can prove to be challenging. That is why we at Long Distance Moving Experts have put together a list of the most livable ones. Here are our suggestions:
– Prospect Hill. This neighborhood offers lots of local amenities. The graduation rates are quite high, while crime rates are low. However, it is not exactly the cheapest area in the city.
– Westville. Another neighborhood with lots of amenities, Westville offers great education opportunities as well. While it is slightly more affordable than Prospect Hill, it is still more expensive than the New Haven average.
– Downtown. If you want to be able to run all your errands on foot, you should definitely consider moving to the downtown area of the city. Keep in mind, however, that this also means that you would be surrounded by loud bars and clubs. Additionally, crime rates in Downtown are slightly higher than the New Haven average.
– Wooster Square. Yet another neighborhood with a lot to offer, Wooster Square boasts low crime rates and good educational opportunities. However, finding a good, affordable home in the neighborhood might prove to be challenging.
If you wish to see other great neighborhoods in New Haven, Connecticut, click here Additionally, if you have found the neighborhood for yourself, you might want to start looking for your new home. We suggest you begin here .

Things to Do in New Haven, Connecticut

Once you move to New Haven, Connecticut, you will probably want to get to know the city a little better. There is so much that New Haven has to offer, you are guaranteed to find something right up your alley. After all, it is not considered the Cultural Capital of Connecticut for no reason. In order to help you get started on your exploration, we at Long Distance Moving Experts have put together a list of our favorite attractions in the city:
Yale University Art Gallery – the gallery offers a number of exhibitions from the fields of African art, American decorative arts, American paintings and sculptures, ancient art, ancient American art, arts of Islam, European Art, Indo-Pacific art, and so much more.
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library  – one of the largest rare books libraries in the world. It boasts a great collection of invaluable books and manuscripts from all around the world.
East Rock Park  – the park offers a number of sports fields, as well as several boating facilities. You can fish in the area, or even catch crabs. There are more than 10 miles of trails for jogging and walking, as well as two designated picnic areas. The park offers a number of other activities as well, which you can learn about by visiting the city’s official website.
Long Wharf Theatre – a winner of Tony Award, this theater promotes entertainment and performing arts. It hosts a number of shows throughout the year that are bound to keep you coming back for more.
There is so much more New Haven has to offer. But instead of reading about it, why don’t you go out and explore the city yourself. However, if you wish to see other things you can do in New Haven, Connecticut, you can start by clicking here .

Are you ready to move? Then contact Long Distance Moving Experts and let us do all the hard work. All you have to do is get there yourself. Our representatives will provide you with the best moving price estimates, as well as additional information. They will be more than happy to answer all your questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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