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Moving during the holidays

Moving during the holidays

December has started and instead of unpacking the ornaments and decorating a Christmas tree you are preparing everything for your long distance relocation. Leaving your current home and moving to a new one in a different city is a huge change. You may feel a little bit nostalgic, especially because you are organizing your move during the holiday season. However, you can use a few tricks that we will share with you. They will help you and ease moving during the holidays.

Setting your budget limit

This year is certainly going to be tough for you because apart from spending money on gifts, you will also have moving costs. However, there is a way to control your budget if you carefully plan your long distance move. For example, if you decide to hire a moving company schedule a mid-week move. You should definitely avoid moving on weekends and especially a holiday weekend.


You may feel a little down and depressed when you start packing all your household belongings while all your friends and neighbors are unpacking the boxes with ornaments for the tree. This seems to be a drawback of moving during the holidays. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can turn it into a positive thing. Separate and label the boxes where you will pack decorations, gift wrap, some early presents and holiday wardrobe. Tell your movers to unload these boxes first and to put them into your new living room. Unpacking can last more than packing itself, but this way you will have the first aid holiday kit at hand as soon as you arrive.

Be humane

Although you will be preoccupied with many tasks regarding your moving process, take some time and put away things for donation. This will be a great way to organize and go through your closet and separate things you don’t need anymore. Do a little research and you will find many charities like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army.

Prepare for cold weather

Be prepared for snow, low temperatures, and icy roads. Avoid possible problems that these things can cause by getting the proper moving supplies. Besides appropriate clothes, make sure to secure the path in front of your doors because you, or the movers you hire, will go back and forth carrying the moving boxes. Be sure your heat and electricity are turned on in your new house by the time you arrive.

Prepare your kids for the move

During the holiday season, most of the kids are decorating their rooms, hanging out with their friends and buying and getting presents. Take your time and explain to them that they will get to do all these things this year only after you settle in your new home. You can also read and talk about your future place of living – that will help them adjust to their new environment more easily once you move.

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