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How to Move Houseplants to Your New Home

How to Move Houseplants to Your New HomeHouseplants demand a lot of care and caution when you are about to set out for a long distance move. Plants are sensitive to excessive strain, and the result can be fatal if you don’t prepare them adequately for the move. But don’t sweat, it’s not difficult to move them. One just has to be little organized while preparing, packing and hauling them. Packing houseplants should be done as carefully as packing dishes and other breakable items. Fortunately, there are a few methods to secure transportation of them with the care. It will allow them to make it to your future house in excellent condition.

Be careful of the weather

Moving plants is not advisable in the heavy rain, periods of extreme cold, or under any other conditions where they struggle to survive. Due to their vulnerability, you must be very careful.  Keep them protected from cold and windy conditions in the winter and out of the sun in the summer.If they are being carried in an open truck, kept outside during the packing process, or exposed to outside factors, they need to be properly secured.

Packing the plants

Packing plants is not difficult, but it does take some time. Wrap the plants with newspaper to avoid damage from bumping in the truck. Smaller plants only need to be wrapped around the pot, but bigger ones also need protection for their branches. If they are going to be put in a box, punch a few holes in it to give them access to air and light. Be sure to keep the plants upright when they go into the truck, and try not to put them near any heavy objects that could fall and crush them.

Loading plants

Houseplants should be one of the last things you load. If you are moving them in your car wait until the last minute to load them. If you choose the professional movers to help you with relocation, such as Long Distance Moving Experts, you can be relaxed because we know how to handle them.

Prune them

You have to prune off the dead and excess parts of the plants minimum 14 days in advance. It makes them more convenient for carrying and brings a compact shape to the overall plant structure. Pruning is not advisable for plants such as jade, cactus, aloe, etc. Thus, before you start pruning, just check out the specific requirements of your plants.

Unpack quickly

It is best to get the plants back to normal conditions as soon as possible. If they are going to be kept outdoors, unpacking and moving them to their final homes should be the priority. If they are going indoors, they should be unpacked as soon as the area around their final destination is prepared. Putting them in the room first can cause accidents during the rest of the unpacking process, so it’s best to wait a little while.

Your plants will not be able to tell you what they need, so you have to judge by their symptoms to address the issues. If you have a plant that is not strong enough to survive the move, it’s always better to leave it to someone else, so it won’t have to go through the long distance move.