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Are you looking for Indianapolis movers? Then you are at the right place. Long Distance Moving Experts have extensive experience with relocating individuals, families, and businesses to the state of Indiana. We will help you get to Indianapolis from anywhere else in the country in no time. We are the best Indianapolis movers you will find. Our wide array of services includes:

– State-of-the-art moving supplies (such as moving boxescratesharnessesbubble wrapmoving dollies, and so on)
– Professional packing services (including unpackingdisassembling, and reassembling as well)
– Reliable, quick, and safe interstate transport
– Car shipping services (in open and enclosed auto carriers)
– Moving insurance
– Handling of valuable and fragile items
– Storage units
– And so much more.

Feel free to contact our representatives to ask for more information about our services. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

But before you give us a call, you should take some time to read into the city you are moving to. After all, you will be spending all your time in Indianapolis once you relocate.

About Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is the capital city of the state of Indiana. It is also the largest city in the state, as well as the seat of Marion County. It is located in central Indiana. The name of the city is derived from the name of the state, and pretty much means “a city in Indian land”.

Indiana became a state in 1816, and the Congress decided to donate federal land for the establishment of the state capital. Soon after, Marion County was established, followed by the city of Indianapolis itself. Indianapolis was officially incorporated in 1847.

Today, this is one of the most important economic and cultural centers both in the state and in the country. It is home to more than 850,000 residents. Most of Indianapolitans are white – some 60% of them. There is a considerable portion of the African American community in the city as well. If you are interested in learning more about the people of Indianapolis, click here .

The Weather in Indianapolis, Indiana

The city of Indianapolis belongs to the humid continental climate zone. Summers here are hot, humid, and rainy. The daily average temperature in July is slightly above 75 °F. However, high temperatures often exceed 95 °F. Winters in Indianapolis are usually cold and relatively snowy. The average January temperature is slightly below the freezing point – 28 °F, to be precise. About four or five winter nights experience temperatures below 0 °F. If you want to see the current weather conditions and the ten day forecast for Indianapolis, Indiana, click here .

The Economy of Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indianapolis metro area boasts a GDP of almost $126 billion. The economy of the city mostly relies on manufacturing, health care, social services, and retail. It also has a significant export industry, mainly of pharmaceuticals, vehicle parts, and medical equipment.

There are four Fortune 500 companies in Indianapolis: Anthem Inc., Eli Lilly, Cummins, and Simon Property Group. Other major employers in the city include Calumet Specialty Products Partners, Allison Transmission, CNO Financial Group, Republic Airways, Emmis Communications, Rolls-Royce Holdings, and many others. Are you planning on working once you move to Indianapolis? Then you should start looking for a job as soon as possible. We suggest you start your search by clicking here .

The Neighborhoods of Indianapolis, Indiana

Before you hire Indianapolis movers, you should make sure you have chosen the right place for yourself. Indianapolis is home to a handful of charming, unique neighborhoods. In order to help you choose, we at Long Distance Moving Experts have put together a list of the best places to live in Indianapolis, Indiana:
– North Central. North Central is home to a little over 8,000 people, among whom 15% are children. An average home here is valued at a little over $280,000. The area has a suburban vibe and is home to a number of high and elementary schools. It has lots of biking and jogging paths.
– Delaware Trails. Only slightly larger than North Central, Delaware Trails is considerably more affordable. An average home here is valued at less than $190,000. The population of this suburban area is quite diverse and pretty well-educated.
– Glendale. Home to less than 5,000 people, Glendale is one of the best areas for families with children. It is home to a number of great grade schools, and most residents are well-educated. The median home value is $207,000, which makes the area quite affordable.
– Broad Ripple. Broad Ripple is just as affordable as Glendale. Almost a half of its population has a bachelor’s degree, and the median household income is over $70,000. The area is located in close vicinity to some great schools, such as North Central High School and John Strange Elementary.
If you want to see more great neighborhoods in Indianapolis, Indiana, click here Have you found the right neighborhood for yourself? Then it is time to start looking for your new home. We suggest you start by clicking here .

Things to Do In Indianapolis, Indiana

Living in Indianapolis can never get boring. The city has so much to offer, you are unlikely to ever run out of ideas for pastime activities. Indianapolis is home to a number of significant museums, such as:

– The Indianapolis Museum of Art
– The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
– The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
– Indiana State Museum
– And a number of others.
The city also hosts a number of great events throughout the year, including:
– Indianapolis 500,
– Indiana Black Expo
– Indiana State Fair
– Irvington Halloween Festival
– And so many others.

If you wish to see more attractions and events that the city of Indianapolis has to offer, click here .

Are you ready to move yet? Then contact your Indianapolis movers and let us get you there in no time. Long Distance Moving Experts will provide you with the best relocation services at affordable prices. Contact our representatives and request a free in-home moving price estimate. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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