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A Guide on How to Meet New Neighbors

When you move to another city or another country you have to turn your whole life around. Being a part of a community means you are going to meet new neighbors and friends. This can sound scary at times but it is just another step in the process of adapting to another home. You should take this as an opportunity to bring exciting people into your life. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. Moving away from home doesn’t have to be scary and every fresh beginning can be interesting if you take the right approach.

Say Hi to Your New Neighbors

Upon your arrival to your future home, you will have a lot of things to do and organize on your hands. Unpacking and settling in can take a good week, depending on how much you have to set up. Starting from scratch requires a lot of time, nerves, and energy. Take it easy on yourself and don’t push your limits. A transition to a different city is difficult, and you can make it even more so if you expect everything to go faster than possible.

Being Friendly and Polite Is the Best Method

When you set up everything in your home and organize some of your everyday life necessities, it is time to say “Hi” to the people living around your home. You may even get some of them to greet you right upon your arrival. Depending on the type of neighborhood, you may start making friends from day one. It is best to go door to door to your closest neighbors and politely introduce yourself. Do it over the weekend because that’s usually when they will have more time to meet you adequately.

How to Meet and Greet Your New Neighbors

You have to have a genuine wish to make acquaintances in your nearest vicinity. Your neighbors can help you a lot with providing information and settling in, and there is no one better to ask for small everyday favors than your closest neighbor. Bad relations with the rest of the neighborhood can be a big problem later on.
After you introduce yourself, invite them over for a cup of coffee or tea so that they can get a better picture of who you are. You can not expect someone to be close to you if they know you superficially. Vice versa, you should also know very well who you’re living next door to. The connection you’ll have with them is different than the one with your friends. You don’t have to share the same interests (although it won’t hurt), you don’t have to go out with them and have a deep connection, but it is important to have a good and decent relationship because they will play a major role in your life.
A good icebreaker is to ask for specific places and things they can recommend to you, such as where to find a good meal nearby, is there a good gym, where they do their laundry, etc. Most of them will be happy to give some input.

Moving-In Related Advice

Don’t step on any toes from day one, be considerate. If you hired a company to help you out with their moving services or auto transport, make sure that the moving truck or moving boxes don’t block any parkways. This can cause problems with your neighborhood from the start. Also, try not to make too much noise and interrupt their leisure time. You should try to blend in, not alarm them from the moment of your arrival. Some will probably introduce themselves if they are passing by, but be sure to take some more time to introduce yourself later properly.

Community-Related Questions You Should Ask

There are certain differences between living in a city apartment and in the suburbs, regardless of whether it’s a rented home or your own. Both of these housing options have important rules for peaceful and civilized coexistence. If you want to adapt to your neighborhood, you should first learn what those rules are by asking the natives of the area. Most people will appreciate it if you respect their way of life.

Apartments vs. Houses

In apartment buildings, noise complaints can be a big problem. A general rule is that you should make less noise between the hours of 2-5 PM and after 10 PM. The rule could be different in your building, which is why you should get informed about “House Rules,” especially while you are moving in and setting up your home.
In the suburbs, you should know about the schedule of garbage pick up, yard regulations, driveway regulations, and any other rules that are mutually agreed upon on the community level.

Get Involved in Your New Communities’ Activities

Many communities are very active and organize a lot of events. You can ask around about the meetings and activitiesyou can participate in – some of them may even be obligatory.

Organize a Party to Meet New Neighbors

A perfect way to show people you want to become a part of their neighborhood is to organize a housewarming party. You should first introduce yourself sometime before the party and invite them over later. Make it a friendly get-together. Food and drinks are always a good icebreaker.

Popular Themes for a Housewarming Event

Barbeque is a staple housewarming event. You can also make a themed party like “Bring your best dish,” “Bring your favorite playlist,” “Cocktail party,” etc. As a bonus, this way you will also get to know how much in common you have with the people in your community.

Take It One Step at a Time

It is important not to push anything. You should be friendly, not invasive. It is okay to introduce yourself, offer help, or ask for help, but you shouldn’t force a connection. If you invited someone over and they didn’t come, you opened a path for them to get to know you better and they will decide to accept or decline. Some people are less open to new connections of any type.
Moving into a different neighborhood is a chance to have more people in your life and a lot of new experiences. Some of your neighbors can become your friends, but there is a saying, “There is no one closer to you than your neighbor.” They should be someone you can lean on and vice versa.

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