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How much will it cost to pack a house for moving?

How much will it cost to pack a house for moving?Even the most obscure idea of moving house will be quickly followed by an endless worries about money and questions about the move.  Given the exceptionally costly nature of the moving process, it is only reasonable that the very first question to come to mind when considering a residential move is “How much will it cost to pack a house for moving?”. How much does it cost to hire a moving company? How much will I have to pay to ship my car across the country? How much will it cost me to rent a moving truck, How much will moving insurance cost? Etc. The question of How much will it cost to pack your house, but, is usually missed when estimating the total relocation costs. Packing costs might easily add hundreds of dollars to the final moving bill.

Hence, it is highly recommendable to get an exact idea of what your packing costs might be far in advance and then plan your moving budget respectively to avoid unpleasant financial surprises when moving day comes around.

How to calculate the price of packing for a move?

The price of packing up your house will depend on the type and amount of packing materials you need to ensure the safety of your things and the kind of packing help you are going to need when preparing your items for shipment.

To calculate the packing price, you need to know what exactly what you are going to take to your new house. When you have a detailed inventory of all the things that will have to be packed for transport, you will be able to determine the amount of the necessary packing supplies and calculate their cost.

Then, you will have to decide if you are going to need professional packing help or not. If you can pack all of your things by yourself, you will have more money for hiring professional packers. Keep in mind though that packing is not only arduous and tedious but also remarkably tricky as a single mistake can result in large problems and severe damage to your prized possessions. So, if you do not have the time or the required knowledge to pack your things safely and efficiently, hiring professional packers might be your only viable option. In this case, you will have to add in the cost of packing services as well when calculating your price of packing.

What is the cost of packing supplies?

First things first, whether you are packing by yourself or have hired professional help, you cannot do without the essential packing materials. You are going to need appropriate moving containers, wrapping and cushioning materials, securing materials and labeling materials. On average, the high-quality packing materials necessary for packing a one-bedroom home will cost you around $100-$150.

How to save on packing supplies

The fewer things you decide to move, the better use you make of the space in the moving boxes, the less packing materials you will need. Therefore, you are advised to pack only those items that you really need and cherish and to get familiar with various effective packing methods that will allow you to save space, time and materials when preparing your items for transport. What’s more, you can try to find more affordable packing materials:

Search websites, such as Craigslist, where you can find used packing supplies in good conditions for free. Ask around your neighborhood and your workplace to find out if someone wants to get rid of packing materials they no longer need. Ask friends and family if they can give you any suitable packing supplies. Acquire clean and sturdy cardboard boxes for free from your local grocery stores, bookshops, copy centers, etc. Stock up on free packing materials in the months before your move, take care of any large, strong shipping boxes that arrive in the mail. Keep the packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and air pouches that come with them, etc. buy packing materials in bulk, use coupons to get a discount, and keep an eye out for ongoing sales and promotions.

Use any suitable “packing” materials you already own, suitcases, travel bags, crates, baskets, laundry hampers, buckets, old towels, bed linen, blankets, tablecloths, etc.

Keep in mind, though, that improvised packing materials and used cardboard boxes will not provide as much protection to your belongings as new specialized packing supplies will. High-quality packing supplies will cost you a few extra dollars, but they might save you some money in the long term as they will help prevent damage to your things during shipment. So, it is a good idea to invest in professional packing supplies, at least for your fragile and valuable items.

What will these packing services cost?

As already discussed above, hiring professional packers may be your best bet when preparing for a residential move, especially if you are pressed for time and have lots of fragile, oddly-shaped, heavy, sensitive, or extremely valuable things to pack for transport. Professional packing services will not only be a huge benefit but will also help ensure your peace of mind as your things will have the best possible protection from damage during the move.

Experienced professionals will use high-quality packing materials to wrap and box your belongings and will complete the laborious task with unrivaled speed and efficiency, and will ensure the maximum safety of your prized possessions during transport. What’s more, the movers will accept the liability if any of your professionally packed items get damaged or lost while in their custody. All these benefits, however, come at a cost. But how much can professional packers cost in fact?

The price of average packing services

The prices of packing services depend on the type and quantity of your things, and the time it will take to pack them. You might be charged on an hourly rate or a flat-rate based on the number of goods you plan to bring. Furthermore, the price might vary considerably from one company to the next or might include different things. Hence, the only way to get a precise idea of the final costs in your particular case is to get an in-house estimate.

Usually, you can expect packing labor to cost you about $250 for packing a one-bedroom home, $400 for a two-bedroom house, $600 for a three-bedroom house, and $1000 for a four-bedroom house.

How to save on packing services

Even though there are many benefits of professional packing services and they are unmistakably worth the cost of hiring professional packers, you might not feel financially comfortable with the added expenses. To cut down the packing costs, you may choose to pack most of your items yourself and use professional help only for your most delicate, valuable, or oddly-shaped belongings. Make sure only the things you wish to have professionally packed are included in the final estimate.

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