FAQ - Long Distance Moving Experts


General Moving Questions:

What is a long distance move?

Any move that crosses state lines is considered to be a long distance move. By customising our solutions we can fulfil all of your demands and relocate you from any state in the USA in the most efficient way possible.

What is a commercial move?

Commercial electronic systems and inventory can be complex and cost a lot of money, which is why we send only the most experienced moving experts to handle your business relocations. If you have any questions about commercial moving, feel free to contact our customer support at PHONE NUMBER.

Do you work on weekends and holidays?

Yes, our customers can rely on our Long Distance Moving services all year round. Weekends and holidays are our regular moving days.

Is riding with movers a good idea?

Even though we want to get to know you better, it’s not the best option to ride with movers. Instead, you can relax while we do the hard work.

Can you give me exact delivery time for my long distance move?

We would love to, but we can’t predict road conditions, traffic and weather. That’s why we’re giving you a timeframe on when you can expect us. Luckily, you can track your shipment in just a few clicks.

Do you offer a flat rate price?

No two relocations are alike. We tailor each price solely on your needs and requirements. With this approach, you are sure that our guaranteed price is fairer than charging you a flat rate. Long Distance Moving Expert’s prices are 100% guaranteed and are based on the list of items to be moved.

Can I get a free on-site estimate?

Yes, our on-site estimates are completely free. During the in-house survey, our representative will visit your home and make an inventory of what needs to be moved. After the survey you’ll discuss the moving plan, pricing and any of your questions.

What are the factors that will affect the pricing?

The cost of you long distance move will depend on the distance and the the list of items to be moved.
Besides the distance and the list of items other factors will affect the price:

● Will you pack yourself or you need us to help you out?

● Do you want to store your belongings while you settle in at your new location?

● Stairs, elevators and long carries will change the price structure, so please let us know what to expect and we can give you a fair and precise estimate.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, cash or cashier’s check.

Do you have any tips that will help me while packing?

Packing and moving are difficult, but we have done it for years now and we can recommend thatyou read our Packing Tips and learn to pack like a professional.

Can you help me with the packing/unpacking?

Sure, we would love to help. We can pack and unpack all your belongings and set them up entirely as and where you want. It’s absolutely up to you on how much would you want to do, our trained professionals are here to make your life easier.

How many boxes will I need?

Learn about the variety of boxes Long Distance Moving Expert offer. Ask our representative during your in-house survey how many boxes will you need to safely store your items.

Can you help me with crating and securing my items for transport?

Absolutely! We offer custom crating solutions. Whether you want to ship a tv, priceless porcelain or a vintage sports car, our experienced staff will create a perfect solution for your items.

How will you store my things?

Our professional movers can wrap, box, pack, carry, drive and move your belongings into our secured warehouse. We keep track of all your belongings with a register of everything that we moved into our storage facilities. Also, for you to be able to remember where your belongings are, we will provide you with the inventory list of all shipments.

Can you keep my items while I’m finding my new home?

Of course! We would love to take care of your items until you’re fully settled into the new environment.

Do you provide both short-term and long-term storage?

Yes, we can store your items in our warehouse for a long as you need.

How much will it cost me?

You only pay for the space you need. Our clients are charged completely based on the list of items they need to store.

Do you move cars?

Our Long Distance Moving Experts are highly experienced drivers that will ensure that your car arrives safely to a new destination.

Do you offer different types of car transport?

We customise our car shipping solutions according to your specification and needs. We offer reliable open or enclosed trailers. Read more on how you can choose the best option for your precious vehicle transport.

How can I prepare my vehicle for transport?

We want to prevent any safety hazards, for yours and any other vehicles on the car-carrying trailer. Here’s what we’re suggesting:

● Go for a nice ride and empty as much fuel from the tank as possible.

● Let us know if your vehicle has any leaking problems.

● Remove all your personal belongings and disconnect all alarm systems.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed with a US DOT number, ICC MC number, and Cal T number. You can find the links to our licenses at the bottom of our web page.

Are your movers trained?

Long Distance Moving Experts are trained to wrap, pack, crate, load, unload, lift and to get your personal belongings from one address to the next safely, without any issues. We protect your items and prevent our staff getting injured by hiring experienced professionals and providing constant training and latest moving equipment.

Do you offer a free on-site quote?

All of our on-site estimates are completely free, we will come to your house at arranged time and our representative will customise our offer to be exactly what you need.

What’s your Better Business Bureau rating?

We’re really proud that our BBB rating is A+! The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organisation that monitors businesses and rates them on a scale from “F” to “A+” based on their practices. It’s an imperative to research your moving company’s rating. A moving company that has an “A+” rating is definitely a good choice.

Do you have letters of recommendation?

With each relocation, our letters of recommendation are growing and it’s all due to the hands-on approach that we promote. No matter how big or small your relocation is, we’re in it for you. Have a look at our testimonials page and see what our clients think about Long Distance Moving Experts.

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