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How and Where to Donate Unwanted Items Before Moving

One of the best ways to declutter before moving is to donate unwanted items. That way, not only do you get rid of all the stuff you no longer use, but you also do a good deed. What you no longer want someone else is probably hoping for. Before you get started, you’d like to get a bit more information. Where can you give away all those things you don’t want to bring to the new home? Do you have to drop off the stuff yourself, or you can have someone pick them up?

We understand that you probably already feel overwhelmed, and you may even think that donation will require additional organization and planning that will have to fit into your already hectic schedule. The good news for those moving in a hurry is that many local charities pick up stuff, so you don’t have to even leave your house. Let’s find out more about how and where you can give away everything you don’t use anymore and ease packing before moving.

Before You Choose Places and Organizations to Donate Unwanted Items, Make Sure the Stuff Is in Good Condition

One of the most crucial things to ask yourself when you want to donate: are these items still useful to someone? Just because you’re giving something to charities, it doesn’t mean that you should give away just anything. You should donate only those things that are in good condition and presentable, clean, and work properly. Whether you’re giving away books, clothes, or something else, remember that someone is supposed to use that.

Make the Best Use of Your Things by Selling

If you have some brand new or hardly used stuff, here’s another thing you can do to help: sell the things and give away the money you raised. This is a perfect solution in case your chosen charity doesn’t accept all the things you want to give away.

Choose One of Nearly 8,000 Salvation Army Locations

Given that it has been dealing with donations for more than 150 years, the Salvation Army is one of the most commonly chosen charitable organizations. You can take your stuff to one of the many Salvation Army stores or schedule a pickup date. What makes it even more convenient is that you don’t even have to be home when they come to pick the stuff up.

Help Victims by Giving Away Clothing and Other Stuff

If you give a donation to this charity, you’ll be helping a wide range of people, including victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and natural disaster victims. Other groups include the elderly and at-risk youth. And here are some of the many things that the Salvation Army accepts: clothing, furniture, household goods and appliances, books, mattresses, and so on.

Make Your Contribution to Habitat for Humanity to Help Build Safe and Affordable Homes

When you finish packing, and you realize you have furniture and other household goods you don’t use anymore, it’s time to contact Habitat for Humanity. Always remember just how many people out there don’t have a roof over their heads and are in desperate need of a place to call home. Habitat for Humanity helps build houses for such people, and by giving a donation, you can be a part of this noble act.

Schedule a Free Pickup of Your Furniture and Other Stuff

When you determine which things you’re going to donate, you can schedule a pickup completely free of charge. All you should do is enter your zip code to find the closest Habitat ReStore that offers pickup services and find more information about that store. In addition to furniture, they also welcome donations in the form of appliances and materials for building houses.

Goodwill Will Accept Most of Your Stuff, From Furniture to Eyewear

Here’s another widely known charitable organization that will take almost anything you can think of, as long as things are gently used. There are as many as 2,800 stores all around the US and Canada, but if you find it more convenient, you can have them pick the stuff up. It is easy to schedule a pick up: you should just get in touch with your local Goodwill store that picks up donations.

Your Stuff Will Be Sold and the Money Raised Is Used for Various Initiatives

The wide range of things you can give away to Goodwill can help just as wide a range of people. This organization sells furniture, clothing, books, and other donated stuff and uses the money raised for various job and job training initiatives. They organize various classes and employment training for people who need it the most. These include the youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, and many others.

Donate to Pickup Please to Help America’s Veterans and Their Families

For those of you who are moving in a hurry and want your extra stuff picked up as soon as possible, Pickup Please is an excellent choice. They can come to your home and pick up all the unwanted items within 24 hours. These things are then sold, and the money raised is used to help Vietnam Veterans of America and their families.

Don’t Forget About Tax-Related Matters

Besides helping the less fortunate and doing a noble deed, donations are a way to save some money. And not just by lowering the costs of moving services by reducing the amount of stuff you’ll bring to your new home, but through tax deductions, as well. When the staff from Pickup Please comes to take your unwanted things, they’ll leave a tax reduction receipt. Many charities provide tax deduction receipts, and Pickup Please is one of those that put this among their priorities. So, don’t forget to take the receipt to have it as proof of your donation.


Whether you’re planning to handle packing by yourself or you’d rather hire experts who offer packing services, once this part is done, it’s time to contact local charities. Find the organization that accepts the stuff you want to give away before moving and ask for more pieces of information to schedule pickup. And as for packing, feel free to rely on your chosen movers to provide you with the necessary moving boxes, too. If you have some things you don’t want to give away, but still can’t take with you at the moment, ask for storage services.

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