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Are you considering moving to the beautiful state of Illinois? Not sure which city to move to yet? The city of Chicago might be the perfect choice for you- it’s a beautiful city which has plenty of job opportunities, a good climate and many stunning places to visit. However, before you start organizing your relocation, you might want to hire a reliable moving company with good moving company reviews. We at Long Distance Moving Experts offer the best moving estimates in the US and provide any moving services you might need, which is why you should choose us. Some of the services we offer are vehicle transportation, commercial moving, enclosed car transport, exotic car transport, moving supplies, moving storage and many more. Before you start preparing for moving, you might want to learn more about the city you’ll soon call home. We have compiled a comprehensive guide for you which has all the essential information about the city of Chicago and its weather, education system and employers.

About Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the 3rd most populous city in the United States, with 2.7 million residents. It is also the most populous city of Illinois, as well as the most populous city in the Midwestern United States. The metropolitan area of the city is called Chicagoland and has over 10 million people residing in it. Chicago represents the global capital of architecture, as well as one of the most important business centers in the whole world, because of its great economy and wealth. Due to its positioning near the Lake Michigan, Chicago represents a very important international hub for finance, commerce, technology, art, industry, and most importantly, transportation. The city was incorporated in 1837. It has its very own airport, the O’Hare International Airport. This airport is the second busiest airport in the entire world, measured by aircraft traffic. Besides the airport, Chicago has many US highways passing through it, as well as a large number of railroad freight. Popular nicknames of the city include:
· Chi-town
· Windy City
· Second City
· City of big shoulders
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Weather in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has four distinct seasons and is considered to have a humid continental climate. The summers in Chicago are hot and humid. The hottest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 75°F. Ocassionally, the temperatures even rise to up to 90°F. On the other hand, the winters are full of snow and very cold. The coldest month of the year is January, during which the temperatures do not exceed the freezing point. The dew point temperature ranges from 55°F in June, up to 61°F in July. Thunderstorms commonly occur in Chicago and they can even produce hail, high winds and tornadoes. Chicago experiences the weather phenomena called the urban heat island, which means that the city’s temperature is much higher in the center, when compared to the outskirts, due to the amount of people on the streets. The record high temperature was measure in July 1934 when it was 105°F. However, the record low temperature was measure in January 1985, when it was only -27°F.
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Universities of Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has been the center of higher education ever since the 1850s. The city has the best universities nowadays, and has even been ranked among the top “National Universities” in the entire US. Here are some of the best universities located within Chicago: University of Chicago; Illinois Institute of Technology; Northwestern University; Loyola University Chicago; DePaul University and University of Illinois at Chicago. Other notable schools include: Chicago State University; the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago; East–West University; National Louis University; North Park University; Northeastern Illinois University; Columbia College Chicago; Robert Morris University Illinois; Roosevelt University; Saint Xavier University; Rush University; and Shimer College.

Means of Transportation in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a major international and national transportation hub. It is the third largest intermodal port in the world and an important component in global distribution, amongst Singapore and Hong Kong. There are three service boards:
· The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA): handles public transportation
· Metra: nation’s second most used passenger regional rail network
· Pace: regional rail network which provides bus and paratransit services

Primary and secondary schools in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Public Schools is a large public school district, which consists of both primary and secondary schools located within the city of Chicago, Illinois.
College and career academies:
· Louisa May Alcott College Preparatory High School
· Al Raby School for Community and Environment
· Amundsen High School
· Austin Community Academy High School
· Bowen High School
· Chicago Academy High School
· Chicago Vocational Career Academy
· Roberto Clemente Community Academy
· Curie Metropolitan High School
· Dunbar Vocational Career Academy
· Farragut Career Academy
· Fenger Academy High School
· Foreman High School
Charter schools:
· Chicago Virtual Charter School
· CICS Longwood
· CICS Northtown Academy
· Noble Network of Charter Schools
· Perspectives Charter Schools
· West Town Academy
· Youth Connection Charter School
· Young Women’s Leadership Charter School
International Baccalaureate:
· Amundsen High School
· Back of the Yards College Preparatory High School
· Benito Juarez Community Academy
· Bogan High School
· Bronzeville Scholastic Institute
· Carl Schurz High School
· Curie Metropolitan High School
· Farragut Career Academy
Selective enrollment schools:
· George Westinghouse College Prep
· Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy
· John Hancock College Preparatory High School
· Jones College Prep High School
· King College Prep
· Lane Technical College Prep High School
· Northside College Preparatory High School
· Robert Lindblom Math & Science Academy
· South Shore International College Preparatory High School
· Walter Payton College Prep
· Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

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