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Car Shipping Guide

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When you are moving to a new home, you might decide to take your trusty car with you. That is why it’s important to know how to prepare your car for your upcoming relocation process safely. For this reason, we want to provide you with our Long Distance Moving Experts Car Shipping Guide, which will help you transport your car to another state. While there is a chance that your car might sustain some damage during the move, the good news is that the chances of that are less than five percent. You can minimize, if not outright cancel out the risk to your car by knowing how to prepare your car for the auto transport process correctly.

Thoroughly inspect your car before the move

Check your car and document any pre-existing damage. This can be done in a few easy steps, namely:


  1. Thoroughly washing your car.
  2. Make a note of every chip, dent, scratch, or other cosmetic damage that you find.
  3. Take pictures from several angles as well as close-up shots of any damage that you find on the car.
  4. Date the written record and photos.
  5. Verify that the movers have made an official note of the damage as well before they start.


Remove any custom products and personal items from your car

Your car will be inspected, loaded, and unloaded many times while it is being transported. For this reason, it will be unlocked for most of the move. Decrease the risk of theft by removing all of your custom stereos, DVD players, car TVs, GPS Systems, and removable CD players. These items should be removed and transported separately.


Don’t pack your car with personal items

Industry experts warn that this is one of the most common mistakes people make when shipping a car. Moving companies will refuse to ship your car to another state if it’s packed full of personal possessions. It is the movers’ responsibility to transport your car, not your personal belongings. Additionally, car shipping companies are not licensed to transport goods, so packing your things in your car might result in penalties.


Remember to remove all of your items from the interior of the car, including the trunk. Insurance companies won’t cover any personal items that are in the vehicle during the move. These objects might shift during the move and cause a lot of damage to your car. You will be held liable if your things cause damage to another vehicle or the moving truck. Additionally, these objects will add to the weight of your car, which will affect the price of the service.


Remove all the toll tags and parking passes

Remove or turn off any toll tags or parking passes that you have in your car. These things could be charged repeatedly on the way to your new home. Furthermore, parking passes and toll tags are valuable and might be targeted for theft.


Prepare the car for shipping

Though your car will be driven as little as possible during the auto shipping process, it should still be in good driving condition. Inoperable vehicles can be transported, but the movers have to be notified in advance so that they can make the proper preparations. With cars, mechanical issues will cause delays and damage. Therefore, you should run a maintenance check before transporting your vehicle. To prepare your vehicle, you should:


  1. Make sure that the car battery is fully charged and that the car tires are properly inflated.
  2. Make sure to top off all the cars’ fluids.
  3. Empty the gas tank down to a quarter full. An almost-empty tank will save carry weight and help to keep the shipment moving along smoothly.
  4. Check the vehicle a few weeks before shipment and right before the move. If you find any leaks or mechanical problems, make sure to let the driver know. Cars with leaks should never be stored on the top rack of a multi-car carrier because they will drip on the cars below.
  5. Write down all the mechanical problems as well as any specific steps that are needed to drive your car on and off the carrier. Make sure to give these instructions to your driver.


Prepare the car for on and offloading

Your vehicle will be loaded on and off your car carrier to help the movers ship it with ease. Remember, the better you have prepared your car for the move, the greater the chances that it will arrive on time and without any damage.

If you own a convertible, make sure that the top is thoroughly secured to avoid damage from air, debris, or moisture. If you can’t secure the top, add an extra layer of protection with a wind-resistant tarp.

Make sure that you fold back the mirrors and retract or remove the antenna. Any specialty items, such as fog lights, ground effects, or spoilers, should also be secured or removed.


Turn off or disable the car alarm

Make sure that you disable your car alarm. If you can’t disable the car alarm, then provide the company with detailed written instructions on how to turn off the alarm in case it triggers.


Now that you have read our Long Distance Moving Experts Car Shipping Guide, we hope that you will find it easier to prepare your vehicle for the move. If you are looking for a dependable moving company to assist you with the move, get in touch with our Long Distance Moving  Experts. We are a professional and reliable moving company that can help you relocate to and from anywhere in the nation. We cover the whole area of the United States, from Phoenix to Detroit, from Atlanta to Albuquerque. We are looking forward to hearing from you!