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How to Find a Good Roommate

Many of us can’t afford to live alone, at least not in places we would like to live. Roommates hold the promise of cost and space efficient living; they may even be a way of making new friends. So, if you are looking for someone to move in with you...
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Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure While Moving

Moving is one of the most difficult and stressful parts of our lives. We do it on average once every seven years. It’s a time when we can lose things. It’s time we can  break some things. It’s time we’re at risk. Though moving is always chal...
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First Day After The Move

The first day after the move in a new home is vital; it can make a big difference on how the first few weeks will go. So how should you spend the first day in a new place? Consider this list as your guide for those precious first hours in order to ma...
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Tips to make the moving day stress free

When the Big day finally comes, the only thing you want is for everything to go according to plan, so that the last step of your moving adventure takes you to your new home without injuries and accidents. However, some circumstances may cause problem...
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Storing Your Belongings During a Move

Moving everything from your old home to a new one is very stressful. It takes careful planning for the move to go as smoothly as possible and for everything to arrive safely to your chosen destination. You’ll need to take steps to protect your valu...
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Keep Valuables Safe During The Move

Embarking on a long-distance move can be a major cause of stress. But, planning and preparing for a move is even more stressful. As you start planning your move and prepare to pack everything that you want to take with you, you’ll inevitably co...
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