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14 Best Tips for Moving out of State

When a person faces the daunting and seemingly never-ending job of long-distance relocation, every little thing helps. In that regard, we’d like to present a few handy tips for moving out of state to all who embark on such a journey. Follow them to make the necessary preparations much easier to handle.

1. Tips for Moving out of State Start With a Checklist and a Budget

The first step in every successful relocation process should be to create a checklist of all the tasks ahead and schedule them according to your needs. This will give you an overview of what comes when so that you can prepare for each task properly.

If the checklist is the first thing to do, then the budget should be the first item on it. Whether you plan to hire professional moving services or have to go DIY depends, for the most part, on your financial situation. And that’s just the beginning.

2. Find a Home and Land a Job in Advance

Before relocating to a city in another state, you should go and visit it at least once. Getting accommodation beforehand can be important for some of the following points we’ll make, but finding a job is outright crucial. If you manage to do that, you’ll get to save a lot more money. Not waiting for months for the next paycheck can be pretty liberating and can help a lot with your adjustment process.

3. Find a Reliable Moving Company

If you’re opting for professionals, you’ll have to hire a company that will deliver your belongings safe and undamaged, and on time. Start with the research online, contact many companies, and compare quotes. Look into their offers on insurance, storage, and car shipping, before deciding to book one of them. But before anything else, make sure to check if the company is licensed at FMCSA. If it isn’t, don’t bother with it.

4. Choose the Right Time for the Move

The timing of your relocation can have a significant impact on your quote. Summer is the peak of the season, and therefore most expensive. Moving during the holidays can also be bad for your budget unless the stars align, and you secure an excellent deal. But if you want to save up a bit, try to book a move for the mid of the week and month, since the demand and prices are at their lowest.

5. Don’t Cramp Up Your New Life – Declutter

Unless you’re moving to the suburbs and a big house, you’ll likely have to declutter. So, take your time to create an inventory list for your home and carefully decide what to take with you. Then you can donate unwanted items to charity (and earn tax deduction) or sell some stuff in a garage sale. It’s a great way to help your budget.

6. Know How to Pack Properly, With Movers or Without Them

Almost all shipping companies offer full or partial packing services in addition to their basic relocation package. If you don’t wish to use it, hit the stores in your neighborhood and get all the packing materials for moving that you’ll need. Then you can combine business with pleasure by throwing a packing party for your friends. It is important to note that there are items movers won’t move, as well. So do research, both with companies themselves and the TSA.

Now, packing is a pain in the backside for most people. But doing it systematically can help save a lot of nerves. So, begin with the room you use the least. Then move on to the next one, and so on, until all your items are wrapped up and ready for loading into the truck.

7. Pin Labels on Boxes to Help Both Movers and Yourself

Here comes a gem among tips – label the boxes. Come up with a labeling system with colors and lists of items, and so make sure that you won’t have trouble delivering the boxes to the right rooms in a new home or with lost stuff.

8. Learn About the Destination

We said before that you should visit a new city before you move there. There’s more to it than just measuring the space in an apartment or house and finding a job. It is a chance to check out preferred neighborhoods and meet new neighbors. You can also see for yourself how it fares with traffic and distances, and then decide whether to go for an auto transport service.

9. Research Nearby Amenities

Since you’re already there, learn about local amenities, healthcare, and schools, especially if you’re moving with kids. Better education opportunities for children are indeed among the most cited reasons to move.

10. Consider Car Shipping

If you decide to ship your car to a new state, you’ll need some reliable car carriers. Companies that offer the service provide various modes of transport such as an open and enclosed trailer, so you’ll undoubtedly find the one that suits you best.

Final Phase

As the big day nears, the stress level rises. But keep your cool; you’ll need it! This is when you should keep in regular touch with your chosen relocation company to make necessary adjustments to the deal. And it’s when goodbyes are being said, not only to friends and family but also to various utility providers.

11. Cancel Utilities and Update Subscriptions

Before the move, plan a day to visit or call your providers of internet, electricity, and other utilities, and cancel your contracts. You should also cancel subscriptions to magazines and alike, or update them to receive them at the new address. The same thing applies to bank accounts. You should either set up a new one or update the address.

12. Best Last-Day Tips for Moving out of State

On the eve of the big day, gather your strength. Get up early in the morning, and make a final tour of the home. Use the time until movers arrive for packing of forgotten things, as well as a bag or box with necessities for the trip and first days at the new home. Snacks, water, and toys for the children are especially important during a long-distance journey. With all that in place, you can wait for the truck.

It is also essential to send kids and pets away to your parents or leave them with a sitter for the day. It’s stressful enough as it is, you don’t want additional distractions from carrying boxes and directing the whole mess.

13. Make Arrangements for Storage Space

One more thing that you should plan for in the relocation process is storage space. It’s possible that not all your belongings will be able to enter your place immediately, especially if you’re moving furniture in larger quantities. Many shipping companies offer storage services for free, usually for a month. So check if your chosen company does too.

14. One Final Tip – Have a Backup Plan

To finish this round, we have to say that there probably is no such thing as stress-free moving. You can aim for it, though. But things sometimes don’t go according to our best-laid plans. So always have a backup one. From shippers to knowing packing tips for moving in a hurry, you can minimize the challenges and go through the process as smoothly as possible.

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