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6 tips to help you move across town

6 tips to help you move across town

Packing for a move is rarely fun especially when you have to pack all your things just to move a couple of streets away. A local move might be easier to organize than a long-distance move, but the arduous and time-consuming job of packing your whole household stays mostly the same, regardless of the distance, you still need to pack up all your belongings, protect them against damage, and find an efficient way to ship them to your new house.Yet, packing for your move across town has its perks and provides a few benefits that aren’t available when packing for cross-country moves. Several distance-related peculiarities tip the scales in your favor and make the entire moving process much easier and less stressful. You just have to know which local relocation specifics you can take advantage of and who to make the most out of each and every one of them. Here are a few 6 tips to help you move across town that will save a lot of your time, effort, and money on your move.


Pare down your possessions

As is the case when moving long distance, your first step should be to inventory all of your items and decide on what you want to take and what to throw away before the relocation. Sort out your items and set aside anything that you do not need like broken things, worn out objects, outdated things, duplicates, items that do not fit into your new house, items you are not interested in anymore, etc. Find a way to get rid of all these items before the relocation, by throwing away broken and worn out ones, sell items in good condition online or at a garage sale, give them away to friends and family, or donate them to local charities, etc.

Purging all your unwanted possessions will save you a lot of time, effort, and money during the moving process and will help you to start a new life in your new home. You will need less packing supplies and a smaller moving truck, so you will have smaller moving expenses. Packing will be faster and easier, so your relocation will take less time, and you will have to pay less.


Move out and move in on the same day

One of the best advantages of moving locally is that you can choose your new home in person and visit it many times before you move into it. This allows for a step by step move that is not possible with long distance moving scenarios.

So, when moving across town, try to get the keys to your new home a couple of days before you need to move into it. Then you will be able to prepare your new place for moving in and can even move some of your things in ahead of time.

Pre-pack items you rarely use and all of your out-of-season items, and anything else you can easily move in your car and will not need until moving day.

Transport a few items every time you visit your new home to do some cleaning, or when you perform any other task there.

This way, many of your smaller items can be moved to your new place ahead of time, and things will go a lot easier and faster on moving day.


Have the right packing supplies

When packing for the local move, you might not require as many specialized packing materials as when moving long distance, but you cannot do without the essential items such as moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. Make sure that you get high quality packing supplies for your more fragile and valuable belongings and see if you can find some cheaper padding and wrapping materials for the rest of your possessions.


Get new moving boxes for the things that will be transported by professional movers, ones that were specially designed for the purpose, moving boxes are very strong and provide protection to the objects inside them. Besides, they come in regular sizes and are very easy to stack and arrange in the back of the truck. This allows the movers to load and unload the truck quickly and efficiently, lowering the risk of damage to your things and the time necessary to complete your relocation.

Use packing supplies that you already have at home to pack the items that you are going to transport yourself, use suitcases, backpacks, laundry baskets, crates, and buckets can all serve as moving boxes, old blankets, clothes, sheets, and other similar materials make excellent wrapping and padding materials. Using some of your things as packing materials won’t only help you save money on moving supplies, but will also make unpacking all your things easier. If you can make multiple trips to your new place and have an appropriate space where you can store your things you have already taken there, you can empty those boxes and get them back home, and use them again. There is no point in taking small items, office supplies, clothes, out of drawers, packing them in boxes, and reorganizing them at your new home when moving locally, you can simply wrap your drawer in plastic wrap to keep your items in place and cover them with a blanket for extra security during shipping.


Pack carefully

The fact that you are not going far does not mean that your things do not require protection, they can be easily damaged during shipping or the loading and unloading process unless they are packed safely. So, when packing for moving locally, make sure that you reinforce the moving boxes, immobilize the objects in them, provide adequate cushioning, and seal the boxes well. Pay special attention to breakable and valuable possessions. Make sure to use safe packing techniques for preparing your larger household things for the move. Label the moving boxes with their contents and destination room and write any necessary instructions.

Leave items that are difficult to the movers as the professionals have the necessary specialized equipment, skills, experience, and technical knowledge to provide the best possible security to your fragile, valuable, big, or strangely-shaped things.


Take smaller items and valuables in your car

A do it yourself move is a viable choice when moving locally, but your best bet is to move your smaller items on your own and hire movers to take care of your bigger possessions. The professionals will do the heavy lifting, so you will not risk injuries in the process. The risk of property damage will be greatly reduced as the movers will take measures to safeguard your house and will use specialized moving equipment that makes it easier and safer to haul heavy things. The movers will be free to focus on your larger household things and complete the relocation quickly so that the moving cost will be affordable. You will rest easy knowing that your things are properly taken care of. Pack your car with any remaining small objects and be sure to take your essential and valuable items with you.


Bonus packing tips for moving locally

Now that you know how to pack for your local move, you might be interested in some extra tricks that only work for short distance moving scenarios. Lay a blanket on the back seat of your car and carefully place your hanging clothes flat on top of it, including the hangars, and wrap the blanket over the clothes to provide them with some protection during the move. When you get to your new house, simply hang the clothes in your new closet. You cant transport frozen food and other perishable items across the country, but you can take them to your new house across town. Food from the fridge and freezer can be transported in a cooler and other food items can be packed in plastic bins or other appropriate moving containers. They should remain in good condition even on a hot summer day, as you are only going to travel a few miles. Cleaning supplies, paints, and other hazardous materials are non-allowable items that movers will not load on the moving truck for safety reasons, but when moving locally, you can ship them in your car, just make sure that you pack them properly and make sure they are not exposed to extreme heat.

Houseplants might not be able to survive a cross-country relocation, but the short journey to your new home in town should not be much of a challenge for your plants. Your pet will not experience any problems when moving across town either. Schedule deliveries of newly-bought things directly to your new home a few days before the move or after you have moved in. If you bought furniture, household appliances, or other large items for your new house, you do not want to have them delivered to your old home or delivered to your new house on the day that you are moving in.


Now that you have read these 6 tips to help you move across town we hope that you have an easy and safe relocation. If you are looking for a reliable moving company that can help you move, then look no further than Long Distance Moving Experts as we are experienced movers who can help you to move whether you are moving to or from anywhere in the nation. Get in touch with our representatives or to get a free moving quote and to schedule your relocation.