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6 things to do with moving boxes after you move

6 things to do with moving boxes after you move

Having completed the hardest part of the relocation, you will find yourself with dozens of moving boxes and packing leftovers. While organizing your move is challenging, arranging your new place might seem very easy. You will most definitely end up with plenty of moving boxes that you will have to get rid of eventually.

Due to a lack of space, you will not be able to keep all moving of your boxes for your next move. Your first idea is probably to throw out all of your used moving boxes. But, instead of tossing them, try to familiarize yourself with other eco-friendly options. Hopefully, the following 6 things to do with moving boxes after you move will help you get to a better understanding of the impact of your relocation on the environment. The general idea is to treat the environment carefully and to relieve as many negative effects of the household relocation as you can.

Although settling into a new routine takes a lot of time, you are probably tired of the mess generated by a tedious unpacking process. If you have moved with a full service moving company, you do not have to worry about unpacking and disposing of your leftovers. Full service moving services are specially made to save you from most headaches during and after the relocation. If getting this kind of services is in your budget, do not hesitate to ask for several moving quotes from different moving companies. Not only will they handle every part of the move, but will also remove all of the empty moving boxes.

Making the most of used moving boxes

It’s well known that moving boxes can be obtained for free at the local retail stores, bars, restaurants. Also, the chances are that you’ve been organizing a last-minute move and you did not have time to look for free moving boxes. In that case, buying or renting sturdy cardboard boxes would be the best option for you.

Turn old moving boxes into storage containers

Your storage organization does not have to cost you a small fortune. Instead of buying expensive storage containers take advantage of your empty moving boxes. Turn your durable cardboard boxes into a practical storage solution. Set up an efficient storage system that can accommodate the household items you do not need at the moment. However, remember that cardboard boxes are more susceptible to heat and humidity. If you are choosing long-term storage, you should know that there are certain problems involved. Invest in high-quality plastic containers to keep all of your belongings safe while they are in storage. You do not want your precious items damaged by moisture, mildew or mold. Pick a climate-controlled storage unit so as to keep your cardboard boxes in good condition.


Since most of your cardboard boxes are biodegradable and made from reusable materials, by using them, you will have an eco-friendly relocation.

Take any damaged or stained cardboard moving boxes to the closest recycling center or bins. Familiarize yourself with the recycling regulations and any possible additional requirements. Search your new neighborhood before moving day and try to find more information about local recycling programs. Flatten all of the cardboard boxes and take them to the nearest recycling bin.

Sell cardboard boxes

Advertise that you have moving boxes for sale. Also, if you are giving away free moving boxes, use the internet to list empty moving boxes and post ads on sites like Ebay about moving supplies that you are offering. Whether you want to sell, buy or donate your moving and packing supplies, there are many affordable or even free ways to do so. After all, a few extra bucks will not hurt, given all the expenses you have been facing through the move.

Give them away

Anyone who has preparing for a household move or placing possessions in storage might be interested in getting free moving boxes. Ask your friends and relatives if they need extra boxes that are in good condition for their upcoming relocation. As it turns out, giving the boxes to friends, businesses or charities would be the easiest way to get rid of them. Spread the word on social networks that you are offering free moving supplies.

Save the boxes

If you are sure that you will be moving soon again and you do not want to go through the box collecting process yet again, keep them to use in your next relocation. Provided that you have enough space to keep them, you will thank yourself when you begin packing for the next move. Instead of looking for moving boxes, you can tackle other important moving issues due to this time-saving strategy.

What to do with packing paper and bubble wrap?

Unlike moving boxes, packing supplies like packing paper and bubble wrap will not take up a lot of space. While packing paper, bubble wrap and newsprint can be recycled, and styrofoam peanuts aren’t biodegradable. Maybe you will be able to find a local business interested in reusing them. Bubble wrap can be used as entertainment material. Make arts and crafts for your kids from the bubble wrap leftovers so they can keep busy while you take care of the unpacking and settling into a new home.

While you may think that packing supplies and leftovers are cluttering up your new place and want them to disappear as soon as possible, they can actually be put to good use. Hopefully, these 6 things to do with moving boxes after you move will help you manage your post-move activities without any big headaches.

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