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5 tips to help you stay healthy during the move

5 tips to help you stay healthy during the moveOrganizing and executing a move will definitely put a lot of stress on your body and mind. While working on your moving checklist, there is no doubt that you will have to deal with too many important tasks all at once. Whatever you decide to do, just do not let your health fall down your list of priorities.Remember that no matter how you look at it, your health must remain your main priority during the moving process, and of course, after the relocation is over as well. In most cases, your health can be a bit more fragile than usual due to the physical and emotional strain that comes with every relocation.Staying healthy when moving is vital, for it will make the whole moving process go a lot more smoothly. Thanks to the renewed energy and stamina, you will be 100% ready to face and overcome each moving challenge no matter how tough it is.Here are the 5 tips to help you stay healthy during the move.


  1. Maintain a healthy diet

Eating well during the move will enable you to maintain a level of high energy in order to tackle all the physically demanding tasks, including the energy-draining process of packing all of your household items for the move.

You might not have enough time to prepare healthy meals, and you might have already packed all or most of your kitchen utensils. So, now and again, it is okay to order a pizza, but in the long run, unhealthy eating will only leave you with less energy and a weaker immune system. So, make sure that you stock up on healthy foods namely fruit and vegetables, lean meats, dairy products, granola bars, etc.


  1. Stay hydrated

Another way that you can stay healthy during the move is to drink plenty of water, especially when you are moving in the summer like most people prefer to do. The summer heat can dehydrate you before you know it, so make an effort to drink water on a regular basis to avoid the unpleasant side effects of dehydration.

Carbonated drinks are high in sugar and low in nutrition so you will do yourself a favor by staying away from sodas when moving as the elevated intake of carbohydrates can lead to energy slumps and sugar crashes.


  1. Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is super important during the pre-move preparation. Regrettably, some people choose to sacrifice a few of their sleep hours in order to get done with more work. In practice, that tactic could work for a few days, but breaking your normal sleep pattern can only lead to negative side effects.

Remember that the more rested you are, the more you will be able to handle the workload. Ultimately, it will be counterproductive to give up on hours of sleep only to feel exhausted, sluggish and unproductive the next day.

Make sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep. It is easier said than done with so much work to do so make sure to begin preparing for the move early enough so that you have time to do everything without sacrificing sleep hours.


  1. Keep your stress levels in check

Surviving a move and staying healthy isn’t an easy task, especially when you are likely to have to deal with increased levels of stress for a long period of time. It isn’t a secret that large doses of stress can be harmful, so it is very important that you follow these two important de-stressing tips to stay healthy when moving:


  • Manage your time

Insufficient time to complete all of the important tasks is a huge cause of stress during the move. Begin early, especially when you think about packing your things on your own. Packing for the move takes forever, and you just will not have the time to waste when moving.

  • Manage the budget

By using a number of proven cost-saving techniques like finding an affordable moving company, declutter your home to lower the transportation costs, and use free or cheap packing supplies to pack your things. Needless to say, money is the main cause of stress when moving to another home.


  1. Stay safe throughout the relocation

Of course, staying healthy while moving comes down to staying safe through the entire move. The already mentioned tips for reducing stress levels when moving will greatly contribute to your emotional health so that you can stay calm, composed, clear-thinking and confident when things get difficult. Now, let us focus on the equally important question of how to stay physically healthy during your move.


  • Wear a face mask. When you go into your storage areas and begin packing the things there, consider wearing a face mask to protect you from any harmful germs and allergens. Keep in mind that layers of dust can trigger many different types of allergies.
  • Wear work gloves. Your grip when moving all your heavy items is absolutely key to prevent accidents. Make sure that you wear high-quality work gloves to get a good grip when carrying heavy items around the house, but also to protect your hands and fingers from injury. Choose durable work gloves made of sweat-resistant fabric and well-padded around crucial areas of the hand.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. What you wear on your feet when moving day comes around matters more than you might think. Prevent accidents by choosing your most comfortable pair of shoes, a pair that provides sufficient ankle protection and has anti-slip soles. Most of the time sports shoes will work best.
  • Clear all paths to the exit. Your safety can be easily compromised by various types of obstacles scattered along the way leading from the rooms all the way to the moving truck. And when you are carrying heavy things, the last thing you would want is to have the path littered with all kinds of debris. So, see to it that nothing gets in your way.
  • Use the correct lifting techniques. Use the proper lifting techniques when moving heavy items such as furniture, household appliances and even moving boxes. One wrong move or miscalculation could cost you dearly on moving day. So, you have to do everything in your power to prevent personal injuries when moving.
  • Use the right moving gear. Moving super large and heavy things from your home to the moving truck and then to loading those heavy objects into the truck is no joke. To do this safely, you will need the right type of moving equipment, furniture dollies, furniture sliders, moving straps, etc. If you do not have the required moving equipment or you have no idea how to use the moving equipment safely, then do not risk your health and do what you should have done in the very beginning, call the professionals to help you.


Now that you have read these 5 tips to help you stay healthy during the move we hope that you stay healthy throughout your move. If you are looking for a professional and reliable moving company that can help you with the relocation process, then look no further than Long Distance Moving Experts as we can help you to move to and from anywhere in the US. Get in touch with one of our representatives who will help you to organize your move and will provide you with a free moving quote.