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4 tips to help you move quickly

4 tips to help you move quickly

When thinking about the possible move, everyone relies on having enough time to organize the entire moving process thoroughly. There are times when things don’t go the way you want them to, and that is why we are going to provide you with these 4 tips to help you move quickly.

Moving in a hurry is never an enjoyable experience. Sometimes you have to relocate on short notice due to a new job opportunity, end of the lease or problems with your landlord.

The pressure of having to move quickly might increase the amount of stress. However, moving under such circumstances is possible with an efficient packing and moving schedule. Although there is lots of pressure on everyone involved to find a new place to move to, hire a reputable and professional moving company without spending too much money and eventually relocate, you need to stay focused as much as you can throughout the relocation process.

1) Finding a moving company

Begin preparing you relocation as soon as you find out that you have to move. Consider hiring a real estate agent who will be able to help you find the most suitable house. Make a moving checklist and do your best to stick to it. Create a moving budget and know your limits. Due to the limited time, you may not be able to pack all their items properly, so have professional movers help you out. In most cases, packing takes a lot longer than you have expected so that some extra help will be very much appreciated. Contact a few moving companies and choose the best moving company that gives you the best offer and has a lot of experience. If you are moving on a small budget, have your friends help you instead of hiring full-service movers.

2) Prepare for the move

Pay a visit to the closest grocery store, restaurant, bookstore and ask if you can pick up any empty cardboard moving boxes. If you can afford to, purchase moving containers from the moving company. Get other necessary moving supplies like packing tape, bubble wrap, furniture pads, etc. which you can usually get from the moving company. Protect your fragile and other delicate belongings. Make sure that you personally transport your valuables and important documents. Label every box properly so that your movers know how to handle them. Try not to overpack, think about the people who will carry your boxes and know that over-packing boxes may cause them to break.

3) What not to pack

Do not pack items that are illegal to transport, like hazardous materials, perishables, plants, etc. Ask your movers what these items are. If you are moving long-distance with your pet, explore all your options, since your movers will not be able to transport your pet. In case you are downsizing, you will have to leave behind a few items. Go through your things, give away, donate or sell usable items that you no longer need and throw away and recycle all your damaged things. Your new place may require some repairs which can’t be completed within a few days, so consider renting a storage unit that can hold some of your things until your new home is ready for them.

4) What to do before the move

Whether you are the owner or just renting, you should maintain it properly and make sure to leave it looking attractive to the new buyers or renters. Let your utility provider know when you plan to discontinue all of your utility services and arrange the date when you will have them set up in your new house. Inform all third-party services about your new address. Pack an essentials box with all the things you are going to need on moving day and a few days until you finish unpacking.

After reading these 4 tips to help you move quickly, we at Long Distance Moving Experts hope that you are now more prepared for your move. Trustworthy movers will help to keep the relocation process on track and will make sure that your belongings will reach your new home safe and sound. We provide moving supplies and moving services for all your relocation needs.