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Tips on Throwing a Moving Away Party

Whether you or one of your loved ones decided to relocate to another town, one of the most difficult things is to say goodbye. However, relocation, in most cases, is a change for the better, so throwing a moving away party is a great way to show how excited and happy you are. These parties don’t have to be fancy or expensive; they should be full of love and fun, so here are the tips for organizing the best one.

Start With Making a Guest List

Decide who you’d like to invite to your party, or ask the friend who’s relocating to provide you with a list of who they want to invite. It’s up to the guest of honor, be it you or someone else, to decide if the celebration should be limited to the closest circle or include extended friends and family. Whatever you decide, make sure no one important is left out of the guest list.

Send out Invitations a Few Week Before the Moving Away Party

Before you start sending invitations, you should pick the most convenient date. Ideally, it should be on a Saturday, when most people don’t have to work or wake up early. After you have confirmed the date, create an invitation that will provide crucial information about the event. People invited should know where the celebration will take place, when it is, what time it will be, and any additional notes, such as whether they should bring something or if it is a child-free event.

Ask for the RSVPs

RSVPs are crucial when organizing any type of event, especially if it is going to be at a venue that is not somebody’s house or apartment. Receiving RSVPs will give you an idea of how many people to expect so that you have enough time to make some changes if necessary.

Suggest Guests Bring Useful Gifts

Outright asking for gifts is not exactly the most polite thing you can do. However, if people who are invited show the intention of bringing gifts, suggest that they bring something that will help with the move or the first few days in the new home. Things like gift cards from home improvement stores, packing materials for moving, and rolls of quarters for tolls on the way to the next destination will, at the same time, make you or the guest of honor happy and be quite helpful.

Think About a Few Themes and Pick the Most Interesting One

A theme party is an excellent opportunity to have some fun with friends, and it is always exciting if you choose to organize it. The choice of themes is limitless, and which one you are going to pick should depend on preferences and specific circumstances. Here are some ideas:

  • Destination parties are a great choice to celebrate the new chapter in yours or your friend’s life in a new home. Decoration, drinks, food, and music you pick for the event can be related to the place you or your friend is relocating to. It is an exciting and festive way to show that you are going to miss your loved ones, but at the same time that you are excited about the upcoming adventure.
  • Bon voyage parties have proven to be the most successful because they are considered classics. If you decide to throw a bon voyage party, pick decorations related to traveling, such as a cooler full of travel-sized bottles of wine, and map tablecloths.
  • Packing parties are probably the most convenient when it comes to these kinds of occasions. You will spend some quality time with friends helping you pack, so you can save some money on moving services. You can sort all belongings and find out how to donate unwanted items. Remember, even these kinds of events need food, drinks, and music, so don’t forget to provide them.

A Going-Away Party Is Much Better With Popular Games

Even if you are not going to throw a theme event, the celebration itself could include some kind of entertainment or games. Think about your friends’ favorite games and pick all the necessary equipment. It shouldn’t be anything complicated. Also, you can consider setting a photo booth corner and ask people to take Polaroids together. It is an excellent way to have memories you can bring to the new home.

Choose a Venue

To organize a successful event, choose a venue most suitable to accommodate all your favorite people. If your home isn’t large enough or if it is crammed with boxes and other supplies, you should have plan B. However, you don’t need to book fancy and luxurious places or restaurants. Even an evening at your local bar can be the best option depending on your preferences.

Purchase Some Refreshments

There’s no party without drinks and food. When it comes to going-away celebrations, you should create a reasonable budget that will include refreshments. As we have said, these events don’t have to be fancy, so ordering a pizza and buying beer should do the job.

One of the Best Ideas for Going Away Parties Is to Have a Guest Signing Book

Find a nice blank notebook and put it near the front door so that the guests can share their memories and thoughts as well as advice for the new chapter. It is a great way to let everyone say something nice without the pressure of having to stand up and speak.

When You Build a Friendship, Make it Last

People mostly build friendships with those who are physically close to them. When, at some point, one of them decides to relocate, staying in touch is what makes a friendship last. The person who relocates will think about how to make friends and meet new neighbors, but will also try to stay in touch with friends from the old city. Even so, people sometimes lose touch with those they care about.

That’s why throwing a going-away party is the best way to show your closest circle how loved and respected they are.

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