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When to Start Applying for Jobs Before Moving – A Quick Guide

Have you decided to move your whole life and career to a different city? When to start applying for jobs before moving is a question many people ask when stuck in this kind of situation.

There are many dilemmas considering this issue. Should you move and then look for a job? Or, should you try to find one before moving? How can you get hired when you are in one place, and the professional opportunity is at the other?

Figuring out a plan for finding a job and landing interviews when relocating can be a big challenge. Luckily, we are here to help you find the right solution.

Planning Far Ahead – Apply for a Job in Advance

A question like – when should you begin looking for a job when relocating doesn’t have a fixed, definitive answer. There are many factors to consider before making the right choice.

The main one is your available finances. How long can you go without a paycheck while paying for health insurance and relocation expenses? If you have a significant amount of savings, it would be easier to move out and get settled before pursuing a career. In case you decide to move and look for work later, you can calculate your costs of living. That will tell you how much time you have in the new city before you need to begin looking for jobs.

The second factor is the type of career you are looking for. Lower-level positions are easier to find than those further up the career ladder. So, if you are aiming for a mid-level or senior position, it might take longer to get hired.

Plan your job hunt and perform a long-distance search. You should remember that the start date can be negotiable. Which gives you additional time to move and adjust to the unfamiliar environment.

How Do You Know When to Start Applying for Jobs Before Moving?

Many factors can contribute to the amount of time that you need to secure a job. But your finances and the position you are applying for are not the only things that influence the search. Other factors are:

  • The demand for your skills
  • The number of opportunities at your level and in your profession
  • Economic conditions that impact the labor market
  • Your income level

Moving means having a date that you need to stick to, which makes the career pursuit a priority. Have in mind that entry-level training programs or internships begin at a specific date and interns are often hired months in advance. But if you are looking for a regular work opportunity, it’s best to apply one to three months before you can actually begin working.

Keep in mind that having a local address on your CV and a cover letter can help you get selected. Some companies don’t consider candidates with-out-of-town addresses when scheduling interviews just because the logistics can be complicated.

Also, working on connections in the new city begins with the people you know. Your acquaintances will be able to help you with your career. They can always put the word out that you are looking to change jobs. From your college friends to people on Facebook and LinkedIn connections, they can all make your hunt for a new place of work easier.

What Happens When You Apply for Jobs Three Months Before the Relocation 

You know that you are going to relocate and you know that looking for a new workplace is going to play a crucial part in your transition. But, if you are applying to an open ad, make sure that you tell your employers when you are available to work.

If you are unavailable for more than three months, there is a big chance that the company you applied for won’t contact you. But an employer can decide to wait for you. In that case, you should emphasize when you will be able to start working.

Explain That You Are Taking Your Job Search Seriously

We already said that availability plays a big part in knowing when to apply for the job. So when sending out resumes, make sure you mention your move in a cover letter. Explain your specific situation and make sure to point out when you will be able to begin working. When called on the follow up of the application, explain your situation one more time, and make sure to mention how seriously you are taking this professional opportunity.

Applying Too Late? Here’s What Happens

This is a fairly obvious thing to avoid. Most companies have a deadline date for responding to the ad. If you begin too late, you might risk not having a job when you move. Have in mind that you will have a few interviews in the process.

If you don’t have work lined up for you in the new city, consider taking seasonal work until you can find something permanent.

Be Flexible With Your Time 

Timing is everything. But what happens if the application you sent three months in advance gets approved earlier than expected?

You need to be a little bit creative with your time. Because passing a great opportunity is not a smart move.

You could try to move earlier than planned, or try to commute home during weekends? Try to explore other options like telecommuting.

Looking for a new workplace can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why you need a partner when relocating, a reliable professional mover that will offer you a wide range of services such as moving, packing, car shipping and storage.

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