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How to Create Moving Labels for Boxes Like a Pro

Cross country moving day is coming close, but you still haven’t packed? You may even be wondering where all that stuff comes from? Everyone who starts packing their stuff may think this way. We will show you how to use moving labels for boxes in the best way possible, to make your packing much easier and organized.

Why Is Important to Have Moving Labels for Boxes

If you are moving your entire life to a new location, be prepared to have many boxes. On a moving day, your house will be full of boxes and relocation professionals, and naturally, you will have little time to explain which box should go where in your new home or if there is fragile stuff in it. Therefore, you have to label your boxes.

What Products Do I Need for Labeling?

Good preparations are essential to organized packaging. So if you want to label the boxes in which you pack your belongings, you will have to acquire a couple of supplies from the store:

  • Moving boxes,
  • Waterproof markers,
  • Sticky notes,
  • Glue.

Best Labeling Systems You Can Implement When Moving

There are a couple methods people use when labeling boxes for move. This is a very important step in your packing process because unpacking after move will be a lot easier both for you and your movers, if they know which box goes where. Bear in mind that if boxes are not labeled they will probably put your stuff in the first larger room in a new home. So check out some methods for labeling boxes, and choose one to your liking:

  • Color technique You use different colors for different rooms, so every box is marked with the corresponding color. You can use colored sticky notes or colored dots that you can buy at any store. For this and any other method it will be good to have a blueprint of your new house on a paper, so you can color every room accordingly.
  • Numbering technique – Like with a color system, you specify a different number for each room. For this, you can use markers, so just put a number on each box that corresponds to the room where it goes.
  • Labeling technique – You can buy printed sticky labels for moving boxes that already have names of every room (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc) or you can print this at your home and glue them to your moving boxes. You can also buy moving boxes that are already labeled, and by doing so save a lot of time
  • Writing technique – This is an old school technique, in which you are writing the destination room’s name on your boxes.

For every labeling system that you choose, it is essential to list all the rooms you have in the new house and assign them a specific number, color, or name so that moving professionals can know which box goes in which place.Take a look at this video for some more tips.

How to Organize Your Items when moving

When it comes to packing, organization is the key. Some things go without saying. Like, if you are moving in winter, pack your summer clothes first. Or make sure to set aside moving essentials. And then there are many moving hacks for packing your dishes as well as anything else in your home. So far, so ordinary. But make no mistake – some things are better left to professionals. If you’re moving cross country and have valuable antiques, you should consider contacting an interstate moving company. Some of them offer specialized moving services for your antiques, no matter what shape or size they are. But, when all is said and done, labeling is largely on you.

Label Your Boxes Like a Pro for Shipping

First of all, you should pick a primary system for labeling your boxes. But if the task is to be fully effective, it should be combined with others. For instance, when it comes to books, you can use a sticky label to mark “Library” for the room, but put a number to mark the bookshelf. You see how this will make your unpacking easier.

The Devil Is in the Details

Even when all boxes are unloaded, there’s still the small matter of unpacking. And it can get quite frustrating if the thing you actually want sits in the last box you open. How to solve this problem? With an inventory list. It will be most useful, for example, to make an inventory of the boxes you have, put a number on them, and make a list of the items they contain. You can print it, of course, but you can also write the list on each box. This can be meticulous, but trust us, it will pay off. Your unpacking will be so much easier and faster.

Mistakes Related To Packing

There are some mistakes that people make when packing for long-distance moving. And we’re not talking about common moving mistakes, such as not donating unwanted items beforehand. Some are about labeling.

Only Use One Labeling Method

This mistake is a pretty common and understandable mistake. You are probably wondering what is wrong with only choosing one method, but you’ll see if you use only one method, for instance color. You will end up with a lot of green boxes that represent, for example, the kitchen. And again when unpacking you will have to open each box to see what is inside. So combining methods is a much better option.

Packing Can Be Fun

If you are well organized and follow these couple of steps, packing can be fun and good for the whole family. Many family memories will come to light, and this experience can bring you even closer to your loved ones. Kids will probably be happy to get an important role in labeling. There are even moving apps you should check, that can help you in your long distance moving. But for most people moving is very stressful, so hiring a moving company that will do all the packing is the way to stress free moving.

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