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Romantic and Creative Ideas for Long Distance Valentines Day

Relationships can get tough if your partner is not around a lot, but the holiday of love is around the corner to help you develop ways to enjoy your time. Long-distance Valentines Day is an excellent opportunity to surprise your significant other and show them how much they mean to you. Regardless of whether cities or whole continents separate you, these tips can put a smile on your bae’s face. So, let’s start.

Long Distance Valentines Day Ideas for Gifts to Surprise Your Partner

If the question “is Valentine’s Day celebrated world wide” crossed your mind, you should know that this tradition exists in most countries, and even in those that don’t have it, it is now getting more and more popular. So, it’s perfectly fine to start hunting for a gift to make your love happy. You or your significant other had reasons to move, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t rekindle the flame with gestures of good-will such as shipping gifts. These are some options.

Choose a Unique Gift to Ship No Friend Would Buy

You know your partner best, so try to think of something they can enjoy. If they took time to learn how to pack books for moving, you might want to consider shipping some titles that could grab their attention. If they were fussier about getting the hang of how to pack clothes for moving, you might want to consider some fancy attire. Or, if you’re the one who ‘got away,’ try finding something special from the place you’re in and make sure it’s something your partner will find amusing.

Get Them Food if You’ve No Idea What to Go With for Valentines

Food is one of the best gift possibilities in all situations, so your LDR is no exception. You can install an app used for delivery in your home or the place your love moved to, and that’s it.

Other food-related suggestions are:

  • Dinner date – Almost all restaurants have great wi-fi, so if you want to take your other half embodied through Skype or Zoom out, you got it,
  • Cooking or baking together, given that you both figured out how to pack dishes for moving,
  • Trying out sweets together – Agree on the list, go shopping, and dig in.

Nothing Says I Love You Like Memories of the Times You Spent Together

If you wondered “what can I do for Valentines Day long-distance” that would brighten up your person’s mood, it’s time to go down memory lane. You can create a collage of your photos, send a video from your moving away party, write a poem only you two can understand, or even get a calendar or bookmarker with your photos.

Valentine’s Long Distance Edition Activities for Couples Who Are Still Smitten

The great thing is that you probably learned the nuts and bolts for how to keep in touch with friends from a long distance, so you can now apply your knowledge for couples. Men and women might have different views on perfect, so let’s see for both:

How Do I Spoil My Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

If moving meant you left your girlfriend behind, these are some long-distance relationship Valentines Day ideas to show her your emotions:

  • Write as many reasons why you love her as you can on little pieces of paper and put them in a special box,
  • Plan a romantic get-away for a later date. Now is a good time to check out the most affordable mountain towns,
  • Rewatch your fav movies, or maybe the ones you’ve seen on the first dates,
  • If you maintain long-distance friendships, get her friend to put the things you send in her room, so she doesn’t know anything.

Good LDR Gifts and Ideas Men Will Love

Not all men are the same, but they all like it if you show interest in their hobbies. So, think about how to plan some of these Valentines Day ideas:

  • Video games – If your boyfriend is into these, try playing against him,
  • Board games – If he loves strategy games, you could buy his favorite and play via camera,
  • Read or discuss his favorite comic book together– If your guy is into superheroes, this can be a nice twist to poetry and book readings,
  • Send him a video of your new place regardless of whether you relocated to some of the best places to live out west or you found your favorite of the coolest beach town to live in.

Make a Bracelet or Something Else Together

If you’re into arts and crafts or the making of any kind, this is your perfect couple activity. Make something that would remind you both of your relationship throughout the year, such as a bracelet. You can also think of other things you need for your first apartment together, and it’s all great if you’re having fun. Check out the following video if you need more DIY inspiration.

Show Up and Forget About the List of Valentines Ideas for Long Distance Relationship

This tops all other Valentines Day ideas for long-distance relationships and increases your options together. If you have cash left from the time you learned how to save money to move, this is worth investing in because the time you spend together is more precious than any gift.

Is Long-Distance Moving the Next Step in Your Relationship?

Valentines Day long distance is fun and games sometimes, but everybody dreams of being permanently reunited instead of waiting year after year. You probably reached the same conclusion if you ever wondered can couples survive long distances. If you were thinking about things to consider when moving to a new state for your partner, make sure you find a reputable long-distance moving company whose moving services will ease all aspects of your relocation. From packing services and finding the right moving boxes to auto transport and providing you with the best storage facilities, you’ll be safe, at least in this aspect. Love is always elusive, but luckily high-quality long-distance movers aren’t.

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