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All You Need to Know About Using Packing Paper for Moving

Preparing for an interstate move includes gathering all the necessary materials. One of the most commonly used supplies, packing paper for moving, is both accessible and inexpensive. There are more than a few options available, with many different suppliers, retailers, and state-to-state movers offering custom packaging materials. Here’s a guide on all you need to know about using the material.

Wrapping Paper for Moving Is One of the Best Products You Can Use

When moving out for the first time, one of the essential packing materials for moving that you need to get is packing wrapping paper. It’s not only affordable, but it’s also easily accessible. You can secure many items even by using the most common newsprint you can find lying around your home. Paper’s two primary purposes are wrapping numerous objects and filling in the space between individual items.

Which Items Can You Wrap With Paper?

Although it won’t help much when you’re moving furniture, the material has many other useful applications. For example, if you didn’t know how to pack dishes for moving, by far the simplest option is to wrap them with a sheet of paper for packing dishes. The process is relatively simple:

  • Place one sheet on a flat surface below the object you want to secure (use more sheets if you want to be extra safe).
  • Start folding the ends until they meet in the middle
  • Secure the folds with duct tape (not always necessary, depending on the item).

How to Prepare Your Glassware for Transport and Shipping

The process is somewhat different for glassware and other fragile cylindrical objects:

  • Fill in space inside the glass with crumpled sheets.
  • Place the glass horizontally at an angle on the edge of the sheet.
  • Start rolling the glass in wrapping paper till you reach the other end of the sheet.
  • Fold any excess and secure it with duct tape.

Where to Buy Packing Paper for Moving

You might be wondering, Where can I buy packing paper? Many big retailers offer a variety of different kinds. Amazon provides numerous options, from recycled newsprint and packing tissue paper to Brown Kraft Jumbo rolls. Does Walmart sell packing paper? Yes, it does, along with all the other supplies you may need. But if you decide to hire a long-distance moving company, their packing service will likely come with everything you may need.

What Amount of Supplies Do I Need?

Different retailers and manufacturers offer different sheet sizes, with the number of sheets also varying significantly. This can cause some frustration when deciding which supply package to choose. The simplest way to calculate how much materials you need is by weight in pounds. About a pound of material is enough for each cubic foot of boxes. This is why you should declutter before you start boxing up all your stuff. There’s a whole list of what not to pack when moving. You probably have some belongings that you aren’t using anymore. The smart thing to do would be to donate unwanted items. This will shorten the time needed to box up everything and save you money on some packaging materials. If you don’t want to move some of your belongings right away, you can always put them in storage.

Where Can I Get Free Packing Paper?

Whatever your reasons to move may be, moving across the country can get expensive sometimes. If you’re wondering how to move to another state with no money, knowing where to get packing supplies like paper for free is crucial. You’ll save a lot of money for other things, like hiring professional cross country movers. If you want to get some materials without outright buying, explore these next few options.

Asking Friends and Family Is a Good Place to Start

Most of the time, the easiest way to get some materials without paying is by asking friends and family if they have any leftover materials. When unpacking after a move, it’s not uncommon for people to store used materials. You’ll be doing them a favor by getting these off their hands.

Get a Free Packing Product From a Local Retailer

Retailers are usually required to separate materials for recycling. Sometimes contacting a store supply manager will enable you to take some of these without paying a dime. You can often find some clean sheets and boxes, and even undamaged bubble wrap.

Look for Paper Sheets Online

Today you can get almost everything online if you look hard enough. This also applies to various free wrappings and other materials. Craigslist is one of the widely known websites that deal with resource exchange, while Freecycle focuses on reducing waste by reusing many materials. By searching for free supplies in your area, you will save money on shipping.

Check out this video showcasing where you can find the material for free.

What Can I Use Instead of Packing Paper?

Now that you know where to find some free paper, you can take it a step further and apply some of the alternatives you have in your home. You won’t believe how many excellent packing materials you already have:

  • Towels are a great alternative if you want to secure your breakables. Since they are soft and thick, it’s a great idea to apply them if you don’t have enough materials.
  • Socks are an excellent substitute for wrapping glasses. You can also use them to stuff the same objects as well.
  • Newspapers can be just as efficient in protecting your belongings. However, the biggest downside is that newsprint can leave stains on some delicate surfaces, causing irreparable damage.

You Are Almost All Set

Now that you know everything there is about paper, your preparations for moving cross country can begin. If you want a stress-free moving experience, look for long-distance movers near you. Professionals provide numerous relocation services that can help you a lot when moving interstate. If you don’t know how to pack a moving truck correctly, it’s best you leave it to them. Want more tips for moving out of state? Check out how to pack to move in a hurry.

Once you relocate to one of the best beachfront places in the country, or perhaps a big metropolis, start unpacking immediately. If you don’t know how to unpack after moving, make the process more manageable by unpacking for about 15-20 minutes at a time. When moving with kids, you can also make a game out of it. You’ll finish a necessary task while spending time with loved ones.

What are you moving?

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