The Best Tiny House Friendly Cities in the United States

The Best Tiny House Friendly Cities in the United States

Miniature homes represent a special type of habitat. These communities have started to appear all over the US. The principal reasons to choose this sort of residence are connected to economic issues and changes. Due to their increasing popularity, you should explore the list of the best tiny house friendly cities in America. Some towns are more inclined toward the owners of these properties, and before you choose this lifestyle, make sure to learn about them.

What Qualifies as a Tiny House?

Living simply in a less than spacious domicile is pretty popular nowadays. This architectural and social movement comes with multiple advantages. These homes can be mobile or fixed, and their sizes can’t exceed 13’ 6” in height, 8’ 6” in wideness, and 40’ in length. Small (or even micro) houses are built to be fully or partially self-sufficient. The proud owners focus less on their material possessions, cut down their costs, and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Those are their main reasons to move and choose this kind of dwelling. Still, switching to a significantly smaller place implies bringing the essentials and knowing which items not to pack.

Where Is the Best Place to Live in a Tiny House?

Texas, Oregon, and California are the best tiny house friendly states, according to various sources and researchers. California has the perfect weather conditions for this kind of household. Besides the ideal climate, there’s a community that endorses this sort of living environment, and it’s located between the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Texas offers different options for multiple tastes. Micro homeowners can choose between being near a metropolitan area or staying away from the city. If you’re not keen on experiencing extreme heat during the summer, there’s another option. Oregon has milder weather than Texas. More importantly, these communities are on the rise in that state. Are you packing already? Since you’ll relocate to a much smaller home, consider donating unwanted items.

The List of Best Places to Live in a Tiny House

Since this phenomenon has gone mainstream over the past years, there are more and more eco-friendly, minimalistic choices for simple life enthusiasts. Now that we have provided some insights on what states allow tiny homes, let’s get more specific. Choose your ideal city and community and move with no stress:

  • Fresno, California,
  • Spur, Texas,
  • Portland, Oregon,
  • Durango, Colorado,
  • Brevard, North Carolina.

Explore these locations with us and take a pick!

Fresno – The First City to Allow Secondary Dwelling Units

If you’re exploring the best places to build a tiny house, Fresno should be on your list. It’s located in San Joaquin Valley, which places it in the center of the Golden State. If you move to this area, you’d have no problem meeting the neighbors and becoming part of their community. Since the beginning of 2016. Fresno’s law has allowed these objects and proclaimed them “backyard cottages.”

Spur – Lone Star’s Small-Living Zone

This town is in Dickens County, and rumor has it that Spur is the first town of this type in the entire country. Its legal organs have brought up minimal restrictions regarding this lifestyle and architectural choice. In addition to eco-friendly livelihood, the residents can easily use alternative forms of energy. If you like the sound of it and would gladly move out of state to be part of this neighborhood, seek professional long-distance moving services that suit you.

Portland – The Future of Small Dwellings

If Texas is too hot, and moving to a cold climate is not an option for you, Oregon is right in between. You could join a small-living society in the urban area or nearby. Moreover, you can pick a place that’s fully dedicated to small and minimalistic life-choice, or you could encounter one of the local transitional micro-housing townships.

Durango – Expanded Neighborhoods

This small town in Colorado is north of the New Mexico border. Even though properties are fairly affordable, this settlement has allowed single-family homes to build secondary backyard cottages. These accessory units have become a fundamental part of six zones so far.

Brevard – Homes On Foundation

If you wish to build a primary or a secondary dwelling in Brevard, you must play by the rules. According to their law, its dimensions mustn’t be over 800 square feet. Additionally, all households must have a foundation. So, if you’re new in North Carolina and ask yourself “Can I put a tiny home on my land?” the answer is absolutely yes, as long as it’s not on wheels.

Pricing Information

If you’re wondering can you build a tiny house for $5000, here’s the information you need. Yes, these objects can fit into a $5000 budget. You can purchase affordable DIY kits to help you out. The kit contains the basic material for your walls, roof, and more. If you’re an adventurer who doesn’t mind living alone and is looking for the cheapest way to move out of state – this might be the chance you’ve craved! As for the additional help, you can always rely on long-distance moving experts and their packing service as well as storage service. These services that a reputable long-distance moving company can offer you would be essential when transitioning to a notably smaller household. Bonus tip: Check out some superb moving applications to get organized and plan your budget correctly. Check out this video and see how it’s done in the Netherlands.

Explore the Best Tiny House Friendly Cities

When looking for an affordable way to relocate, these small units are often a good choice. Also, if you need some extra space, buying a piece of land in another town or state that supports secondary units is a valid option. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you must be well-informed about the new location you’ve set your mind on. Learn about its laws, features, structure, culture, and climate first.

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