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Top 8 Best Cities for Young Professionals

After college, and especially when you get your first job, opportunities seem endless. And they might really be if you pick one of the best cities for young professionals as your new home. As always, we’re here to help you find a perfect environment. Stay with us and see our list.

What Defines the Best Cities for Young Professionals in 2020

Every generation has its own ideas about the ideal spot for single twenty-somethings with good jobs and clear-cut desires in life. Not to say that there aren’t folks who defy generalizations because there always are, but these days it’s mostly about earning a lot of money and having lots of good ways to spend it in a trendy environment, with friends rather than with a wife and children.

So what are the characteristics most sought after by young professionals? It’s not possible to make a comprehensive list, but here are some that are always mentioned:

  • Career opportunities
  • Relatively low cost of living
  • Younger population
  • Various entertainment options
  • Diversity

When You’re 25 (Give or Take) You Want to Get All From Life

After finishing college, that natural question of a person is when is the best time to move out, especially if he or she is moving out for the first time. “When” may be difficult to answer, but “where” is much easier. It should be the place with tons of things to do and people to do those things with. The age structure of the destination city is among the important things to consider when moving out of state. It’s only normal for people to wish to be surrounded by their counterparts, especially in the likely situation that they aren’t moving with kids.

It Pays Off to Know the Local Economy – It Doesn’t Have to Be the Richest Place, But Money Should Flow

Career is among the main reasons to move among Americans. Therefore, they tend to flock to places where employment options in their niche are easy to find. Many professionals don’t care very much about the overall prosperity of their chosen hometown. What matters is that they are well-paid.

So, before relocating, always check out how the local economy stands, the cost of living data, average salaries in your sector, and alike.

2020 Should Be the Year of Moves – Find the Right Place for Yourself

If this is the year for the first big relocation, don’t spare time on research. The United States is full of vibrant and exciting spots waiting to be discovered. Our list is there to give you a taste of it.

#1 Charlotte, North Carolina

Our first pick is Charlotte, the largest city and metro area in North Carolina. As a professional, you’d like to know that you’ll be among your counterparts. More than half of the around 900,000 residents are younger than 35, and more than 70 percent have at least an associate degree.

When it comes to the economy, Charlotte is an excellent place for those looking for a career in banking. Headquarters of Bank of America are located there, as well as the East Coast base of Wells Fargo operations. Other large employers are healthcare and education institutions.

According to the data provided by website, the annual median household income is close to 61,000 USD.

Cultural and entertainment options aren’t lacking either, with many museums and festivals on the city’s calendar. Charlotte’s nightlife is very highly rated, and sports fans can enjoy the games of NFL’s Carolina Panthers and NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.

#2 Austin, Texas

Next comes the capital of the great state of Texas. Austin is, in many ways, heaven for young people looking for a career. With a population nearing one million souls, almost three-quarters of Austinites hold some college degree. Diversity is also high since folks of all ages and backgrounds come there to make a home.

If your intention is moving to the suburbs, then you’ll find few better places than Austin. Even in the city’s core, many neighborhoods have a suburban feel and vibe. But don’t let that fool you, the place isn’t called Live Music Capital of the World for nothing. That tells you all you need to know about what it looks like to live in ATX.

Texan capital is a hotspot of the IT industry, with the giants like Google, IBM, Apple, Amazon, and Dell all keeping offices there, if not regional headquarters. With excellent career opportunities, comes one more perk. Texas doesn’t collect income taxes, and neither do Texan cities.

It may be good to know that more than half Austinites rent their homes, and that median rent stands around $1,225.

#3 Denver, Colorado

Scenic and exciting Centennial State offers us its capital, which is, at the same time, one of the best and most affordable mountain towns. Every year, it makes huge steps to impose itself even further on the map of culinary and entertainment hubs of the US, along with excellent salaries and affordable cost of living.

Those seeking good employment won’t be disappointed, either. Denver’s geographical position makes it an ideal place for companies to base their operations. There are, among others, United Airlines, Lockheed Martin, Rio Tinto, Halliburton, Samsonite, and many, many more.

It pays off to be a homeowner in Denver, too, with a mean value of homes at around 357,000 USD. Still, homeowners and renters are evenly split.

And if your life circumstances change along the way, Mile High City is probably the best mountain town to raise a family in. The age structure of the population speaks in favor of it since more than half of the folks are 34 or under:

  • Ten years or less:12%
  • 10-17: 8%
  • 18-24: 8%
  • 25-34: 23%

Until that change happens, you can enjoy excellent meals in restaurants, a vibrant club scene, and games in each of the Big Four leagues.

#4 Omaha, Nebraska

Once dubbed the Gateway to the West, due to its position on the Missouri River, Omaha grew into a hotspot of the Great Plains region. Affordability, career and entertainment opportunities and a lovely mix of urban and suburban vibes make Omaha an excellent destination for both single youngsters and families.

According to, more than half of around 465,000 residents own their homes. The mean value of a home is 151,000 USD, and the middle rent is less than 900 dollars. An average household can expect to earn an annual income of slightly less than 57,000 USD.

There are a couple of Fortune 500 companies based there, Union Pacific Railroad being among them. However, the most famous local economic products are Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate and its founder Warren Buffet.

Simply said, Omaha is great. Have no fear when going out into one of many bars and parks to meet new neighbors.

#5 Richmond, Virginia

Virginia’s capital Richmond was among the oldest English settlements in the Americas and has witnessed many pivotal moments in US history. Today, it is the place of culture and arts, as well as a financial center. All in all, there are six Fortune 500 companies in the area. The largest employers are the government, law firms, and banks.

Once the working day is over, folks can go to one of the restaurants renowned for their modern approach to the traditional cuisine of the US South. And while we’re talking about food, Richmond was where the first canned beer was sold back in 1935. The local specialty is a sailor sandwich, which is also a local invention (at least according to Richmonders). Richmond is also a perfect mix of vibrant nightlife and extensive cultural offerings. And that suits locals just fine. Almost two-thirds of the residents hold one degree or the other, and they just love to have a good time.

#6 San Francisco, California

This one doesn’t really need an introduction. The Bay Area in general and San Francisco in particular are a magnet for those looking for excitement and an innovative environment. SF is regularly ranked among the best cities for college graduates, and for a good reason. It’s diverse, vibrant, and people of all ages flock to it in droves. Once it was for prospecting gold, and today for… well everything from countless niches of the economy to the unforgettable nightlife.

SF is so hip and inclusive that it’s almost easy to forget the main downside – the high cost of living. And it’s among the higher in the nation, in every segment. When it comes to housing, SF is the place of renters. Middle rent stands about 1,800 dollars, so it might be useful to hit one of the roommate websites to find someone to share the burden with. On the other hand, it really pays off to own a real estate in SF, having that mean value of such property stands at more than a million dollars.

The upside is that there are literally countless options to earn as much money as you need. It would be a challenge to find a major company without a foothold in SF, across the sectors. If you’re wondering when to start applying for jobs before moving, the right answer would probably be “right away.”

#7 Anchorage, Alaska

You might not know this, but Anchorage is the fourth largest city in the US, by area. And the first three are also in Alaska. Still, there’s no doubt that Anchorage is a bit of a surprise entrant on our list. Or it would be if not for the following data:

  • Middle annual household income of 83,000 dollars
  • More than 60% of residents are homeowners
  • Only 6% of residents haven’t graduated from high school
  • It is a very diverse place
  • The sales tax rate is 0%.

The main industries are transportation, tourism, and energy. The military has a strong presence, too. But what sets Anchorage apart is that it’s the paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Who doesn’t mind the colder climate in the bigger part of the year, that is. Nature is absolutely stunning. Don’t be surprised, though, if you see bears on the city’s streets. No local is.

#8 Seattle, Washington

After a detour to the Alaskan expanse, we return to the regular by-the-book places to present you with our final pick – the Emerald City, the great Seattle. It has so many perks that it can easily top the ranking of the best places to live out west. Ocean on the one side, Mount Rainier on another, and vibrant and exciting metropolis in the middle. Seattle was, and is, an innovative place, with a perfect blend of traditional and new, drawing to itself people of all ages.

Job opportunities are abundant, with many great companies located in Seattle proper or the surrounding towns. Among them are Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, Nordstrom, and many more. One more perk is that Washington has the highest minimum wage in the country.

There isn’t much to say about Seattle’s music and nightlife scene that isn’t already known. Let’s just say that the place was always embracing new styles, from jazz to rock and roll and grunge. If you decide to hire long-distance moving services to move to Washington’s metropolis, you can’t err. All that is left is to throw a moving away party.

Possibilities In Each City Are Aplenty – You Only Have to Take Them

So, there are our picks. In each of them, you’ll surely find many things to your liking. Since all of them have much to offer in terms of surroundings as much as in inner neighborhoods, we highly recommend hiring reliable car carriers to provide you with auto transport service.

And once you choose your destination, all that’s left is to organize a packing party for your friends or hire professional packing services. With that and some tips for moving out of state, you’ll be in your new niche in no time.

What are you moving?

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