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Moving is one of the hardest things to do. Starting new life comes with a mixture of feelings, part of you might feel optimism for opening a new chapter in your life while another part of you may feel like you’ve quit or failed. Whether you’re moving for work, love, or simply a change of place, there comes a time when you have no choice but to move. But, moving is not just one event, it is a series of decisions and events over a period of time, so finding a good moving company is crucial for a smooth relocation process. Making a smooth transition from your current home to new surroundings is easy enough when you hire safe, inexpensive, and high-quality moving services to help you from the beginning to the end of moving process. The Long Distance Moving Experts provides customers the most reliable long-distance moving services in the country. Long Distance Moving Experts offers a wide variety of services:
Professional Packing Services
Our packing team will professional pack all or partial of your household contents, detailing every carton room location and contents, then will load and deliver, and after all unpack and placement at origin all your belongings.
Corporate Relocation Services
Corporate relocation programs may vary among companies due to size, need, or destination, but one thing will be the same always, all your office supplies and equipment, such as computers, projectors, or printers, will be safe with us. Our professional movers will handle your belongings skillfully and with care.
Storage Units
Long Distance Moving Experts offers storage units to meet every storage need. In addition to storage unit size, we also think about items you are storing and how long your belongings will be in storage. We will provide you free storage units for up to thirty days. Our units are state-of-the-art, spacious, and climate-controlled, so you can rest assured that all your belongings will be completely protected during that period.
Auto Transport Services
If you own a vehicle and want to take it with you to your new home, you will be happy to hear that we provide high-quality car shipping services as well. So, you have decided to move to Syracuse, New York and to find out more about the city you are moving to, take a look at the following article.

Syracuse, New York

When people talk about New York, they naturally think of the bustling fashionable New York City. In fact, New York is a state in America, where there are vast lands and amazing natural scenery. And in the center of New York State on the south shore of Lake Ontario in a region of rolling hills, flat plains, lakes, and streams, lies Syracuse, the fifth most populous city in the state of New York following New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, and Yonkers. The city’s strategic central location and well-developed transportation network have earned it the nickname “Crossroads of New York State.” Syracuse was incorporated as a village in 1825, and the name Syracuse was chosen after an ancient Sicilian town that also lay near salt springs. The city population is almost 150,000, and its metropolitan area had a population of 662,577.

Climate in Syracuse, New York

Syracuse enjoys a four-season climate with marked seasonal changes. Syracuse has a humid continental climate and is known for its snowfall. Snow is certainly a part of the Central New York lifestyle, considering residents get an average of 124 inches of it per year. The snowy period of the year lasts for 5.3 months, from November to April. The winters are freezing and mostly cloudy. In Syracuse, the summers are warm and last from May to September. During the summer and parts of spring and autumn, temperatures rise rapidly in the daytime and fall rapidly after sunset, so the nights are relatively cool. On average, there are 163 sunny days per year.

Education in Syracuse

Syracuse encompasses 41 public elementary, middle and high schools. Syracuse also has 36 private schools. Syracuse is also home to six colleges and/or universities:
Syracuse University is a private research university and is organized into 13 schools and colleges, with nationally recognized programs.
The SUNU College of Environmental Science and Forestry is a part of the State University of New York system. The College’s curricula focus on the understanding, management, and sustainability of the environment and natural resources.
The SUNU Upstate Medical University is the SUNU health sciences university located primarily in the University Hill district of Syracuse.
Le Moyne College  is a private Jesuit college, enrolling over 3,500 undergraduate and graduate students.
Onondaga Community College is an accredited two-year educational institution that serves at two campuses.
The Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse Hospital  offers a comprehensive two-year associate’s degree program – one of the most hands-on training experiences available in Central New York. Graduates possess confidence in their ability to begin careers as exceptional practitioners in the nursing field.

Where to live in Syracuse

The City of Syracuse officially recognizes 26 neighborhoods within its boundaries. Some of these have small additional neighborhoods and districts inside of them. In 2010, Forbes rated Syracuse 4th in “Top 10 Places to Raise a Family.” Some of the neighborhoods we recommend are:
– Brighton is neighborhood consists mostly of single family homes. There are some houses for rent on the western border of the community. Brighton also has apartment complexes on the east side for those seeking to rent. Schools in this neighborhood include McKinley–Brighton Elementary School, Danforth Middle School, and the William R. Beard School.
– Eastwood is primarily a residential community with a section of retail stores, restaurants, and shops. The housing in Eastwood is primarily single family homes. These neighborhood schools include Salem Hyde Elementary, Lincoln Middle School, Huntington K-8 and Henninger High School.
– Elmwood is primarily residential and comprised of single family homes. There are some rental properties located in the lower eastern section of the neighborhood.
– Strathmore is a suburb located east of Syracuse. It is a mostly residential neighborhood that has many houses from the early and middle of the twentieth century.
– University is a neighborhood in Syracuse that houses a number of the institutions of higher learning. Housing is located around the densely populated campus area and includes both homes for lease and apartment communities.

We are sure that as a new resident in such exciting community there will be plenty opportunities, you just need to call Long Distance Moving Experts, a full-service moving company that can manage every single detail of your move from start to finish. Find out what it means to have a fully trained moving team!

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