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Packing your things the right way


How hard can packing boxes for moving be? Open the box, put some stuff inside, close the box. If you don’t actually care about your belongings this seems like an evident way to do this. But we know you care and so do we.

Packing can be the most time consuming part of your moving. So why not leave it to us?
Here is why you should choose a moving company to pack up your house. Better yet, here is why you should choose Long Distance Moving Experts:

1. Experienced packers
Experienced and well-trained packers in our team will take personal responsibility and charge for your items

2. Customizable range of options Different options of packing we offer will suit all your requirements, whether you need
to pack all your belongings or just the fragile items

3. Proper packing
Poor packing can lead to breakages so proper packing saves you money because our boxes are durable and safe

4. Professional movers are faster
Professional packing is time efficient, trained packers know how to pack moving boxes fast and in the correct way

5. Easier management
Better organization during the move by taking inventory, sorting your items in categories, labeling, creating a detailed list of your items

6. Special care of your fragile items
We pay exceptional attention to packing your fragile items. We pack items like art collection, china, mirrors, lamps, electronic appliances, furniture in special moving boxes

7. Carefree experience
Take the stress out of your packing experience by hiring Long Distance Moving Experts

Long Distance Moving Experts’ goal is maximum efficiency and speed with no inconvenience. Our team of trained movers and packers will pack your home by wrapping with care all your belongings in the right materials. We also choose the right size boxes to additionally secure and protect your items. If some of your items don’t fit into standard boxes we’ll build custom crates to be a perfect fit.

You can even choose to pack on your own. In this case, we are here to provide high-quality packing supplies to ensure that your items are not damaged during the transport.

Like packing, unpacking can be tiresome. But it shouldn’t be the case if you leave it to us. We’ll help you assemble your furniture, unpack your mattress, TV, your wardrobe boxes, electronic appliances. You can spend your first night in the new home sleeping in your bed and not on the floor among unpacked boxes. Give yourself a chance to make your new
house feel like home in no time.

For extra information and questions about packing services, feel free to contact us. We’ll
make every effort to accommodate you.


House Moving

Long Distance Moving Experts are with you all the way. From a free estimate with no hidden fees, to unpacking at your new location we promise to provide a remarkable experience for you and your family. Every move is different and our shipping process is always custom tailored to suit your unique needs.

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Auto Shipping

Need to ship your vehicle? Our highly trained drivers will deliver your precious car or truck to the new location. We offer door to door transport, fast auto shipping, customizable auto shipping solutions and tracking services while your vehicle is on the road. We’ll transport your car no matter the distance.

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Packing can be the most time-consuming part of your moving. So why not leave it to us? Our team of trained movers and packers will pack your home by wrapping with care all your belongings in the right materials. Our mission is to provide maximum efficiency and speed with no inconvenience.

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Long Distance Moving Experts will keep your belongings safe in our secured storage facilities and have it delivered to your new doorstep. We can store your belongings for as little as a few weeks to a few years, depending on your needs. With many years of experience, we are perfectly equipped to provide you with the best storage

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