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How Much Money Should I Save to Move Out of State – Best Tips on Budgeting

If you ask how much money should I save to move out of state, you came to the right place. We will try to give you all the necessary estimates, but the exact amount will depend on a lot of your specific circumstances. Are you single or with family, are you relocating for a job or not, are you looking to rent or you have a house already… In any case, you will need to consider some points.

Assessing Your Cost and Expenses

Your expenses for the long-distance move will mostly depend on your reasons to move, your relocation goals, and circumstances. If you are relocating alone, you don’t need as many resources as when you’re relocating with a family, but the usual amount that is advised is to save three months of living expenses plus the money necessary for relocation.


If you’re renting, prepare at least three monthly payments and a deposit. But finding an apartment in another state is not easy, and your payment might not be enough for many landlords. So what do you need to rent an apartment? You will probably need a driver’s license or other proof of identity. Some landlords might ask for a bank statement, and having a good rental resume could help.

Moving Costs

It may sound counter-intuitive, but hiring the right long distance moving company can actually save you money as cross country movers handle relocations far more time- and cost-efficiently than non-professionals. You can hire state to state movers for full moving services or, if you’re organizing your own transportation, just for packing services. Make sure to choose the most favorable free estimate.


How much money you will need to save before moving out of state also depends on whether you are moving furniture or buying the new one. If you are buying furniture, buy at the destination, so you save the money on relocation. Also to save money, visit garage sales or buy second hand.


Don’t forget that you will have to pay utilities once you move, so save money for them in advance as you will do for the rent. Average utilities in the US cost $150 for apartments and $400 for houses. If you are a homeowner, don’t forget to disconnect utilities at your old home and set them up in your new place.


Transportation cost will depend on the distance you’re crossing. Longer the distance, higher the cost. You can hire moving companies for auto transport, or you find a reliable car carrier. Also, don’t forget to get a new driver’s license in the new state.

How to Keep Costs Down

What is the cheapest way to move out of state? It is achieved when you use all free help and packing supplies and choose the time of the year and week when moving services are less expensive.

Declutter Before Moving

By cutting the amount of stuff you’re shipping, you are reducing moving expenses and maybe even earning some money. Sort out items you no longer need or use into piles of ones you can sell and the ones you can give away. Instead of organizing garage sales in these coronavirus times, you can sell some of your stuff online and donate unwanted items to those in need.

Reduce Costs by Using Free Packing And Friends Help

You can reduce costs further by collecting discarded packing materials for moving from local stores. You can ask, for example, for unneeded relocating boxes and bags. Don’t hesitate to ask friends for help when relocating. You can even organize a packing party with refreshments and snacks so the whole process would be more fun.

Move During Winter and Weekdays

If you want to pay less for relocation, the best time to move out is when others are not doing so. On the weekdays, relocating is cheaper because of lower demand. The same thing applies to moving in winter.

How Many Months Should You Save Before Moving Out of State

There is no precise answer to that question. It depends mostly on how much you earn, but for sure is best to start to save as early as possible. If you’re wondering how to save money for the move, the surprising answer is to gather cash and pay in cash, so you don’t spend more than you plan and go into debt.

Get Part-Time Job to Save for the Move

In the months leading to the move, a great way to save money for it is to get a part-time job or a side gig. You can find side hustles on sites for finding jobs like Upwork or Linkedin.

If you’re also wondering when to start applying for jobs before moving to another state, it is advised to do it a few months earlier. Do so, and you’ll be able to handle your financial situation much better. For more details, check the following video.

How Much Money Should I Save if I Want to Move Out?

If you’re wondering “how much does it usually cost to move out of state,” the price depends on the size of the move and can go from $50 to $5.000. Add to that three months rent and deposit when the US’s average rent is $784 – you get $3.136 on average. But you will get the actual amount of money you will need to move when you add up the cost of long-distance movers, three months of your future rent, how much you will spend on other necessities.

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