Become a Pro in Preparing Your Home for Sale With a Few Simple Steps

Become a Pro in Preparing Your Home for Sale With a Few Simple Steps

Selling a property successfully means having a lot on your hands. Still, the very first task you have to deal with is preparing your home for sale to generate interest from as many prospective buyers as possible. We suppose you don’t want to end up considered “stale” by most promising real estate agents, like many properties on the market. If so, it’s essential to take care of specific steps before you embark on this exciting house-selling journey.

Sticking to our guide will make the entire process less intimidating, especially if you’re a first-time seller, and even experienced ones will pick up some new tricks and learn how to get their asking price faster.

Why Prepping Your House Before Putting It on the Market?

Preparing your house for sale properly usually means a bidding war later on, which is what every homeowner wants when their realty gets on the market. The more appealing the place is, the more profit you can expect at the closing price. It’s not rocket science that putting more effort into your house will make a world of difference. With proper organization and our guidelines, even a slow housing market will be your best friend.

One of the Best Preparing Your Home for Sale Tips: Make All the Necessary Repairs First

No matter what might be your reasons to move and sell the place you lived in, maximizing home appeal is one of those suggestions you don’t want to miss if the goal is a long list of potential buyers. The last thing you need is buyers lowering the property’s value because of issues found during the closing process. That’s precisely why there’s no need to ignore minor cosmetic fixes like painting the dark walls bright, replacing a creaky drawer, or repairing worn-out items. But, think twice about the big improvements that can actually pay off, such as ones referring to roof, windows, floor, and alike. Though it’s recommended to make big repairs, too, some people just opt for leaving not-so-great points as they are and do value estimates with faults accounted for.

Learn what are the five crucial repairs before putting your property on the market by watching a video below.

Clean It Upside Down

Once you’re done with boosting value to your house, it’s time for a move-out cleaning. Even though it might not be the cheapest way to move out of the state, hiring professional cleaners would quickly allow you to have a stress-free relocation after handling the selling. Scrubbing all the appliances, cabinets, and areas difficult to reach is just as important as having professional packing and some of the essential long-distance moving services tackled on time. However, if you decide to do it on your own, keep in mind that being thorough is valued most.

Decluttering Your House

It is well known that some of the best selling points are also the most cluttered spots in the house – just look around your kitchen and a bathroom. One of the wisest moving hacks is to listen to professional home stagers advice and get rid of 50% of your items. Shoving your belongings into the basement or attic is also not an option because most potential buyers will be pretty interested in these storage areas. So, consider donating unwanted items or, perhaps, protecting your items in secured storage units with a professional long-distance moving company you hired for storage services. That’s how you’ll quickly decide what to and what not to pack since it is one of the essential steps if wondering how to prepare your house for sale properly.

How to Organize Your Kitchen and Your Bathroom?

Getting some of the most demanding rooms ready for the real estate agents’ estimates doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s crucial to have all the packing materials ready beforehand, so you can start packing fragile items immediately, with particular attention to packing your dishes, as some of your most vulnerable belongings out there. The same goes for a bathroom, from packing bathroom items and labeling them to stashing products you’re using the most. Of course, tossing everything that is about to expire is also a must.

Depersonalizing Your Dwelling Place

Falling in love with a house isn’t just about aesthetics but also about the possibility to picture oneself living there immediately. When in the middle of a packing party, deciding to leave all those family photos hanging along with your kid’s diplomas and elementary school medals is unnecessary. Packing Persian and throw rugs you love so much, too, will probably make it easier for everybody. Neutralizing the space is a critical step when shifting a buyers’ focus on key features of the property because not everyone shares the same taste. Although yours might be bold and likable, having a blank slate is a better starting point for people yet to come.

An Excellent Time to Disassociate From the Place You Dwelled in With Your Family

Creating emotional distance is part of depersonalizing, too, and a significant part of making the competitive sales price. Managing your emotions is the only way to say goodbye to a place you’re so attached to, where all the life and memories happened. Remodeling it and tip-topping it will also mean making a new, less familiar place for someone else to look forward to it.

Curb Appeal Is Just as Important

Focusing on the outside is equally important when presenting your property. Increasing the curb appeal might do wonders, which is why preparing your home for sale checklist is an essential part of a successful deal:

  • Clean and repaint the front door, if needed,
  • Clean or replace a welcome mat,
  • Repair and repaint the gate if needed,
  • Repaint or replace a mailbox, if needed,
  • Repair any cracks on a doorway,
  • Remove dead plants, trim current ones and add some hanging plants
  • Clean garage interior, repair doors, if needed, and repaint them
  • Clear the paths and weed your garden.

Keep these tips for preparing your home for sale before you list, as some of the most common recommendations of every real estate agent. Rolling up your sleeves and DIY is the best way to peruse the list.

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for the Right Strategy

If you’re wondering how to save money to move, you’ll probably want to think about selling a house without a real estate agent. However, if you’re moving out for the first time, you might want to consider having the right agent by your side. Without one, representing your interests by yourself can lead to unnecessary hassle and waste of time. Even though their commission goes up to 6% of the final price, most often it’s worth it because good ones have your best interests just as you do – at heart.

Creating a strategy that works best for you will come naturally with a person that understands how the housing market works. The most common one is to list your realty on Multiple Listing Service, but selling it off-market is also an option. However, if you decide to race without an agent, it’s also feasible. Many sold their homes successfully by themselves. It’s up to you to choose what works best for you.

Setting the Price Right

A high offer is what everybody wants to hear, no matter if your property just hit the market, or – worst-case scenario – you stopped counting the days. But, how to be sure you set the fair asking price in the first place? Although the process might be quite confusing, this is a good moment to have a real estate agent nearby to walk you through it. The theory says it’s even more recommendable to set a lower price than make a mistake with overpricing your place. But, in the end, setting the price you’re comfortable with is the only right choice.

Don’t Ever Sell to Unqualified Buyers

Requiring a pre-approval letter before accepting a showing proved more beneficial for many homeowners than requiring a buyer to be just prequalified, and here’s why:

  • A potential buyer can obtain a prequalification letter even online since it only provides a lender with an overall financial picture. The thing is, the lender does not verify this kind of info, and, thus, they are not entirely secure.
  • The applicant’s entire financial background is analyzed when being pre-approved. This one is much stronger proof and a clear indication of a serious buyer, as well as whether or not a person can afford your place.

Don’t Forget Listing Photos and Videos when Preparing Your Home for Sale

When you see photos of your place in all its glory, it’s where you finally understand all the hard work pays off. Not having any visuals of your place on most popular real estate websites or maybe even worse – having sloppy ones – in days like these when everyone starts their search online would surely make an attractive place godforsaken. It’s just how the world we live in is like, and it means having the competitive listing photos if you’re expecting to have booking tours soon.

Final Little Details Before a Home Showing

Whether you’re hosting an open house or you’re having a private showing, creating a great first impression by making potential buyers feel welcome will put your realty at the top of the list. Taking a final walkthrough and imagining how it will look to people will help you arrange even the tiniest of details. If it’s hard for you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, there are a few things that can do the trick – especially if moving out in winter. Playing some good music in the background, opening the window curtains for natural sunlight, putting some fresh flowers around, and turning just the right amount of the lights on. When you’re done with all these, it’s time for a moving away party and questions like how to make friends in a new state.

Ready For the Big Day

By following these steps and with a bit of luck, people showing interest in your property are just a matter of time. Still, taking an active role in the selling process is necessary with so much money on the line. That’s why making sure everything listed above is done correctly and that you’re ready for inspections, examinations, negotiations, and judgment, too. But, do not worry, this too shall pass, and your lucky pen is everything you’ll need to sign your house to someone else officially.

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