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Moving from Pomona, California to Chicago, Illinois with Long Distance Moving Experts

You’ve reached the pinnacle of success in your smaller city, so you decided it’s time to leave Pomona and move to, for example, Chicago. If you’ve always wanted to move, make it happen. Moving to another place is a great opportunity for personal growth. You can do it! Plan your long distance relocation carefully, but not without professional Pomona movers by your side. And the best solution for interstate moving will be to contact Long Distance Moving Experts immediately! Getting started with us is easy! Among the variety of different moving services, we can offer you full residential move from and to anywhere in the country, moving tips from one of our experts, moving and storage services. And that’s not all! If you have a vehicle and want to take it with you to Chicago, Long Distance Moving Experts provides high-quality car shipping services. You can rest assured that the transport of your car will be handled efficiently, promptly, and with the best quality service. If you hire Long Distance Moving Experts as your Pomona movers, you will be able to choose among the following car shipping services:

– Terminal to terminal
– Door to door auto transport
– Open and enclosed auto transport

Such a long distance move requires a lot of experience, time, and moving supplies. One thing that we emphasize when talking to clients who are unsure about hiring packers is that our staff are professionals. They have the utmost respect for your belongings and will go out of their way to ensure that each item gets to the final destination undamaged. Our packers are attentive, considerate, and careful. Also, our company is ready to take you to any other destination all over the United States, not just relocate you from California to Illinois. If you don’t believe us, feel free to read the reviews left by countless satisfied customers. In case you’re sure about moving to Chicago, here’s something to learn about it before you get there.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the seat of Illinois’s Cook County and the third largest city in the country with over 2.7 million residents. Positioned along Lake Michigan, the city is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. Chicago was chartered as a town in 1833 and rechartered as a city in 1837. Click here to find more information about the city.

Chicago has one of the world’s most diversified economies, with more than four million employees. Who are the Top Employers in the Chicago?
U.S. Government with 49,860 employees
Chicago Public Schools with 39,094 employees
The City of Chicago with 30,340 employees
Cook County with 21,482 employees
-The Advocate Health Care with 18,512 employees.

Driving in Chicago can be challenging, so be prepared to get cut off on streets by aggressive drivers in a hurry. Local drivers tend to speed up to get through yellow lights, so make sure you’re not being followed too closely as you slow down at intersections. Chicago streets conform to a consistent grid pattern; major thoroughfares include east-west State Street and north-south Madison Street, which intersect downtown and provide the numerical orientation for all addresses. Even though the fact that Chicago’s grid of north-south and east-west streets and logical system of address numbers makes finding your way around relatively easy in the beginning, this map of the streets could help you further.

Now you just need to call us and let us do the rest. Long Distance Moving Experts will provide you with some of the best residential relocation services around.

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