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Best Ways on How to Store Christmas Ornaments After the Holiday Season

How to store Christmas ornaments? It’s the same old question all over again every year. Only now it is different since you’re also moving across country. We can help you figure out the best way to store Christmas ornaments so they can survive shipping and be ready for the next Holiday season in your new home.

How Long Are You Supposed to Keep Christmas Decorations Up?

If you’re superstitious, you might want to take the tree down on New Year’s Eve before midnight to prevent some bad luck in the coming year. But according to tradition, they can stay a few days more, either up to either January 5 or January 6, depending on what you’re celebrating. A day sooner or later is considered unfortunate, and if they are not removed on the Twelfth Night, they should remain up all year according to tradition. Taking down the tree is the moment for putting away Christmas decorations, whether you follow any of these rules or you are not superstitious at all.

How Do You Store Seasonal Decorations?

When it’s time to hide away and pack every single ornament, it can take more time than you expected to cover and secure all fragile accessory. The following tricks will not only make putting away holiday knick-knacks easier but also opening them up again next season in your new home.

It Is Best to Use Clear Resealable Packaging, Carton or Plastic Cups

If you wish to hold all the knick-knacks in the same package, sort them out by any characteristics – color, shape, or size and use resealed packaging that can be securely covered. Pack ornaments lined with tissue paper or paper towels in plastic cups or egg cartons. In order to protect small items from damage, the circular form of each holder is perfect for them. The same goes for fruit containers made of cardboard, except for more massive ornaments.

Wrap Lights Around the Cardboards – It’s a Good Tip for Storing Them

The lights should be wrapped around sheets of disposable cardboard before placing them in a box that will keep them secure and in service for next year. String lights seem to be the most complicated thing to put away every year, so it’s not only about making room for them. You need to make sure that the strings are not twisted and the bulbs are not destroyed, too. But you can put away your lights safely with the help of some household items. Cut a slit through a coffee can lid and push through the plug end of the string. Wrap around the edge of the can with the rest of the lights, and there will be no tangles.

Don’t Let Ornaments Get Crushed – You Can Hang Some

You can hang more fragile glass bubbles if you tie the ribbon onto wooden rods in a plastic bin in storage. You should use something to keep each ornament secured, like plastic cups from holiday parties. To make a protective shell, each cup should be stuck to a piece of cardboard.

Sew Storage for Your Artificial Tree and Shrink Wrap It

If your tree is fake, you can get a storage bag to cover it. To make these bags, use dust sheets for the top, middle, and bottom parts of your artificial tree. Then you can put them away somewhere for the entire year without thinking that they will get dusty. Watch the video below to see how you can wrap up and store yours in 15 minutes.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments in an Apartment?

Good storage options for apartments include clear plastic bins, shoeboxes, and big zip-top bags. You may want to invest in a suitable storage box if you have delicate items. Packing paper for moving and bubble wrap can also be useful. You can use a permanent marker to label the containers.

Is it OK to Store Christmas Decorations in the Garage?

Sometimes the only location to put away holiday trinkets is the garage or attic. If they are appropriately wrapped, you can put glass or acrylic ones, strings of lights, or a fake tree, in a garage. If it’s cloth, paper, pine cones, or something else that might make an enticing snack or shelter for mice, then your best choice is definitely not garage storage. Either way, you should invest in plastic containers with tight covers rather than cardboard crates. They will not only last longer and prevent water damage, but they will also not attract insects.

Hire Cross Country Movers to Help With Storage Boxes for Holiday Decorations and Other Items

How do you store homemade ornaments? If you are moving during the holidays and need help with packing and storing homemade and other trinkets, you should hire long-distance moving experts. Besides supplying you with outstanding and inexpensive cross country moving services such as moving boxes, professional long distance movers will do all the hard work for you while you enjoy your moving away party.

Also, if you are moving in winter, they will share moving ideas with you, such as how to pack to move in a hurry or avoid common moving mistakes that will help you achieve a stress-free moving experience during holidays. Packing and unpacking after a move seem to be challenging activities during cross country moving, particularly if you have much delicate stuff and you don’t know how to pack fragile items or how to unpack them after moving. You need to be vigilant of the sensitive things you will need after moving in, including the knick-knacks you will need when the holidays come.

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