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How to Organize an Office Move – the Best Moving Tips

An office move is an overwhelming, stressful, and skillful task that requires proper and adequate handling. Strategic planning for corporate relocation can make the difference between a smooth transition with a couple of lost hours and a hectic relocation with costly downtime.

How Do I Move My Business to Another Location?

There are many reasons to move a business. Yet, whether you’re expanding it, reducing expenses, or finding a better facility, you’ll need to handle a lot of things. When business relocation comes, it’s essential to stay focused and have a detailed plan. The following tips will help you make your corporate relocation stress-free, on time, and cost-effective.

What Should You Do 12 to 6 Months Before the Office Move Date?

Packing tips for moving in a hurry are great. However, you don’t want you or your employees scrambling through things on a night before the relocation day, figuring out how to pack electronics for moving. No matter the size of your company, you should start 12 to 6 months before the scheduled date.

How Long Does an Office Move Take? Start as Early as You Can

As we said, it’s crucial to start as early as possible. If you want to have a successful, smooth, and stress-free moving, start planning at least six months before the relocation date. Apart from preparing all the chores for the moving day, you should obtain a blueprint or a new space layout. With it, you won’t need to worry about the unpacking period. You should also communicate with your employees and involve them in the whole process. If you give them a layout now, they will have time to plan their new office space way in advance.

Prepare and Organize Important Documents

You should centralize all essential documents such as insurance records, agreements, and contracts. Find one place where you’ll be able to find them easily. If you still don’t have agreements and contracts related to your move, you could leave an empty place for them.

What Does It Cost to Move an Office?

Relocating a corporation can be costly. That is why you need to start establishing a budget from the company’s leaders in advance. You should also start looking for professional and efficient long-distance movers. We recommend getting quotes from at least three cross-country moving companies. Avoid scheduling moving during the holidays or in the summer because moving services will be more expensive during this period.

What Should You Do 6 to 3 Months Before the Moving Date?

You should focus on finding long-distance commercial movers, packing materials, and cleaning services. Also, talk to your IT team and arrange the transfer of all tech equipment.

Contact Your Chosen Long-Distance Mover

You should schedule long-distance movers during this period. Your chosen mover should have years of commercial relocation experience. Such a company can offer well-trained movers and packers that will efficiently do all the packing and provide clean storage facilities if you need to store your equipment for some time. If there’s a company’s car, you should consider auto shipping services as well. With a professional moving company, you are guaranteed a smooth and successful corporate relocation

Obtain Enough Moving Boxes

Even though you might think this is an easy task, you should start thinking about packing materials for moving now. Getting the right amount of moving boxes will save you a lot of time and energy when you start packing equipment and moving furniture. Research the market and find the appropriate sizes and types of cardboard boxes.

Schedule a Cleaning Company

If your current and soon to be former office building doesn’t already have the ongoing cleaning service, contact one. Leave the space clean and avoid unnecessary fees for not cleaning. As for the new building, you and your employees will feel much better if you start unpacking after a move in a clean space.

Give Your IT Team Some Time to Prepare for All Tech Transfers

You should talk to your IT employees at least three months in advance and give them notice to start planning technical transfers for all the equipment. This includes phones, computers, servers, as well as your internet plans and data. Your IT team will have to evaluate the new space and do all the checkups for both old and new equipment that will be moved in. If you plan to recycle or donate unwanted items and equipment, you’ll find helpful advice on this site.

Final Phase: What Should You Do 3 Months Before the Move?

Your relocation date is getting closer, and by now, you should have completed all your big preparations. Now, you have to do some final work but don’t forget to celebrate the office move with your co-workers as well.

Make a Labeling System and Finish Packing Necessities

You should develop a labeling system that will help you know exactly where each box should be placed in your new corporate space. You can choose between numbers and letters or color-coded labels. Now is the time to also finish packing all necessities. Instead of the usual moving away party, you can organize a packing party for your employees. Not only will your company save money on packing services, but you’ll all have a fun time! Remember to provide refreshments, snacks, and some great music. The question — how do you celebrate an office move? — has just been answered.

Connect All Utilities in a New Building

Before you start organizing your packing party, you should connect electricity, the internet, the phone, and water in a future building. These are crucial for corporate business, so be sure to finish these chores in advance. Unless the budding manager disconnects all utility services in your old building, you should handle that as well.

You and Your Employees Can Create New Design Ideas

Corporate relocation is a perfect opportunity to get creative and refresh your working environment. Talk to your employees and brainstorm decorating ideas. You and your co-workers will feel more motivated, eager, and energized to get things done. To get some starting decorating ideas, be sure to click on the video below.

You’re Ready for a New Business Adventure

And we have come to the end of the office move tips! We hope that our article will come in handy when you start planning your corporate relocation. As you could see, it’s crucial to start way ahead, make a detailed plan, and stick to it. With advanced planning, you can minimize logistical hassles. Remember to communicate with your employees and help them go through this transition as smoothly as possible. We have mentioned the packing party, but you should also organize an after-move celebration when you are all settled in. An office move is, after all, a significant step for any organization.

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