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Moving Tips For Seniors on The Move

When an older adult must be transferred or move, the experience is stressful, but trauma can be minimized with the expertise to guide the transition and reduce the disruption caused by change. But, by taking time to prepare and plan, your moving day should be a breeze! Here are five crucial moving tips for seniors on the move to keep in mind to streamline the moving process:

Plan in advance as possible

As soon as you decide where to move, begin researching moving companies that can help you and make your reservation on time. The average person can make the reservation only several days ahead of their moving date! However, this has to be changed when you move with an older person, and booking your appointment earlier will give you peace of mind, and helps you prepare by giving you a solid target date for the move.

Prepare the Home for Your Seniors

Another moving tip to help your senior adjust is to get your new home ready before they arrive. Seeing the open, dusty house as soon as you move in might overwhelm them as they realize how much has to be done actually to make it a home. Have them stay with a family member if necessary while you prepare your new home by cleaning, painting, moving furniture in, and doing whatever else you need to get it ready. Coming into a welcoming home will make this transition much more comfortable for them.

Communicate and Be Patient

Letting them know what’s going on each step of the way and remaining calm will help them feel at ease. The main thing to remember during your move is to be patient and to communicate with them.

Break the Whole Process into Smaller Manageable Tasks

Moving and packing up an entire home can be an overwhelming task for anyone, not just seniors! However, breaking down the situation into smaller tasks can help lower your stress levels. For example, designate one work to each day of the week, even if it’s something as little as going through the kitchen junk drawer or the shelves in the laundry room.

Consider Using Moving Services by Reliable Company

Various relocation companies offer senior moving services. Long Distance Moving Experts is company specialize in moving seniors and can help with the entire process, from assisting seniors to sort through belongings and pack, to decorating their new house. If the thought of moving seems overwhelming to you or your loved one, hiring us will be the smart choice because we will help you through this critical transition.

In sum, moving can be quite a frustration, but it can be enjoyable, too, if you plan well. Always start early and take note of time, control, and comfort. With this mind, you should have a blast with your move.

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