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Moving supplies and equipment

In case you’ve decided to embark on a moving trip all by yourself, without any moving help, we still want to have your back. Professional help is sometimes mandatory, but in cases where it isn’t, you can end up spending a lot more money than you initially set out to spend.  Planning the moving expedition in a self-governed move is crucial for its success. There are many circumstances for which you should be prepared even if the chances of them happening are low.  That’s why we carry moving supplies to help assist you in your expedition.

The ideal situation would be if you have a spacious vehicle like a pickup truck. However, if you don’t have it you can always rent it because you are certainly saving some money by moving and packing things yourself without any hiring company. Do not worry, we still cheer for you and we know that you will make it. We are not only here to give you a pep talk, but we are also here to give you some useful tips on what kinds of equipment you can find in order to transfer everything without any problem. Whether you are moving some delicate objects, heavy or light, small or huge, you will find the appropriate equipment for everything. The main goal is, of course, not to damage your belongings while moving them into your new place.

Let’s start with the moving vehicle. As it was mentioned earlier you can always rent one or hire professionals who will transfer it from your old apartment to your new one. However, this isn’t the only solution. If you do have a car which is not big enough for all of your things, you can make several trips to your new accommodation until you transport all your things. Be careful and do the math, make sure that the expenses will be cheaper if you do this than if you hire a moving company. Another thing you can do is ask a friend, colleague or a member of a family who owns a car and can help you with your move.

The next thing you should get a hold of is a dolly or cart. Dollies are wheeled platforms which are perfect for transferring large and heavy objects like a queen-sized bed or your gigantic fridge. There are several types of dollies such as car dollies, appliance dollies, and camera dollies. You will probably need an appliance dolly that can help you move a refrigerator, washer, dryer or washing machine. Furniture dolly, as defined by its name, is also called a moving dolly which can be useful in moving larger household items such as couches, chairs, dressers. Many dollies are equipped with straps or anchors that are used to secure equipment. There are also dollies with four wheels which are used for really heavy objects, and there are two-wheeled dollies that are ideal for carrying several stacks of boxes and for example, some light furniture. You can find and rent this equipment from your local moving company for a low fee.

Blankets and pads are perfect if you want to secure your belongings from damage. Use moving blankets to wrap and protect furniture, appliances, couches, bookcases, or tables-the size can vary, it doesn’t matter. You can use the stretch wrap in order to secure moving pads and to help that items arrive at your new home free from marks or scratches. These are usually made out of thick material that protects objects from being scratched during a move. Moving blankets are also ideal for items placed in short-term or long-term storage since they provide a layer of soft protection. The fabric of a moving pad is definitely one factor that you should keep in mind while choosing moving blanket. Woven fabric is used on higher quality moving blankets and is more durable than non-woven fabric. They are better, but they cost more. However, one key benefit if you decide to buy these is that it is typically washable so it is great for repeated uses. If you decide not to buy a blanket, you can wrap your furniture and appliances using old blankets or comforters.

Straps and ropes are things you must get to secure boxes and other items. You will have to secure the doors of your refrigerator or dresser. You can also tie large furniture to the vehicle to keep them from falling down. This is also perfect for boxes; you certainly want to be extra cautious. Moving straps also prevent back strains and other injuries and can be used to secure objects to a previously mentioned dolly. Packing tape and scissors should always be with you. Packing tape can be used to repackage a box that had to be opened.

Stair-roller is a little device that can save you a lot of effort. They are easy to attach, allowing heavy objects to be rolled down the stairs. This is especially useful if your stairs are carpeted which can create resistance. Don’t forget to secure your mattress and invest in a mattress bag. You can find it at any local self-storage or home store.

Finally, use personal protective gear to avoid any bacteria or to reduce the exposure to cleaning agents. Buy some dust masks, because you will probably be surrounded to lots of dusty stuff. Besides that, make sure you have plastic gloves, trash bags and hand wipes which are essential.

The best way to remember everything is to make your own moving checklist. If you follow every item on a list, you should not have any problem. Every move requires a different type of equipment, but the things above may come in handy every time you decide to transfer something. Check the most useful packing supplies for your situation. Protect every valuable item you have by preparing a list of moving equipment in advance.

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