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Our Los Angeles movers can handle relocations to and from Los Angeles

Tired of heavy traffic in Los Angeles? Longing for a more peaceful city to raise your children in? San Francisco is the right place for you! Take a look at how our moving company can help you start planning your moving today!

Long Distance Moving Experts is a full service moving company whose long distance movers can help you get the job done before you even start worrying about it! We understand that the moving process can be stressful and difficult but you can trust our Los Angeles movers who are experts in long distance moves. Before you start relocating you should make sure that your belongings are packed properly so that you don’t misplace items and cause damage to them in the moving process. Don’t worry if you are not sure how to pack your computer for safe transport or to wrap your furniture properly. Long Distance Moving Experts company offers professional packing services and provides packing supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap to pack your fragile items etc. Auto transport is just one of the many services we offer. It includes:

-An open carrier which is popular, safe and affordable. It will be transported in an open space so it may arrive a little dirty to the final destination. -Los Angeles movers can offer you an alternative which will protect your car from any outside factor. An enclosed carrier is perfect for you if you have a brand new vehicle. -Door to door delivery is a fast way to have your car shipped to the future place of living. -Terminal to terminal delivery is more affordable. Our long distance movers will inform you when to pick up your vehicle.

All of these services have very competitive prices because our long distance movers know how to meet your needs. Contact our Los Angeles movers to get more information about our services.

Our long distance movers top priority is keeping your valuables safe during the moving process. Our well-trained employees have the necessary experience, skills, and expertise to meet all of your needs.

San Francisco vs Los Angeles

San Francisco is the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California. It is the smallest county in the state of California. Unlike Los Angeles, San Francisco is definitely a pleasant and peaceful residential area. However, if you choose to settle in San Francisco you most certainly won’t feel lonely, since San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California, after Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose.


Both Los Angeles and California have a mild year-round Mediterranean climate typical of California’s coast. The weather in Los Angeles tends to be a bit warmer with dry summers, while San Francisco’s weather is strongly influenced by the cool currents coming from the Pacific Ocean on the west side and the San Francisco Bay. All in all, should you choose to move to San Francisco from Los Angeles you will be able to adapt easily to the climate there since it doesn’t differ much from the weather in Los Angeles.

If you want to see a more in-detail report of the climate in San Francisco, click here.

Are you ready to move to San Francisco? If so, don’t waste your time. Contact Long Distance Moving Experts, which is one of the best long distance moving company today to get the best moving quotes and schedule your relocation! Our long distance movers will help you move to San Francisco in no time!

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