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Are you longing for more sunny days annually? You are currently living in the fourth most populous city in the United States of America, Houston and looking for some more southern state to relocate to? You think Florida is the right place for you but you are not sure how to move your home to another state? Worry no more! Long Distance Moving Experts is the solution to your problems.

Long Distance Moving Experts is among the best long distance moving companies in the US. We offer some of the best moving services. Moving out of state doesn’t represent any problem to our long distance movers! Beside the professional service, Long Distance Moving Experts offers the best moving company quotes. Hire our long distance movers and you will find out that our prices are highly acceptable and our service outstanding.

Long Distance Moving Experts’ employees will help you with numerous moving tips. You are not sure how to organize the packing of your stuff? Keep calm because Long Distance Moving Experts will do the packing work for you. Our professional long distance movers will help you with packing so that none of your things is broken or damaged during the transport.

Contact our representatives to find out where you can get moving boxes. We also provide moving material such as boxes of all sizes. Everything from your home will be packed and safely moved to another state in the appropriate way. Long Distance Moving Experts also provides car land transport or car shipping services depending on where you are moving to. Our Houston movers are here to organize everything for you. However, you will have to give us some necessary information. Our long distance movers need to know what type of vehicle you have. Beside that tell our Houston movers whether you want door to door or terminal to terminal delivery. Both of them are safe, just choose which one is more convenient for you. When it comes to choosing a carrier, bear in mind that if you choose an open carrier your vehicle will be exposed to the outside factors like rain and dust. Houston movers strongly recommend an enclosed carrier if you have a brand new or antique vehicle that must be shipped in a covered space. Our long distance movers have much experience and they can perform auto transport from and to whatever city in the United States. Contact us to see how much it costs to transport a car.

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Should you choose to hire Long Distance Moving Experts, moving to a new house in another state will not be a difficult or stressful experience.


Florida is the third most populous U.S. state. The capital of Florida is the city of Tallahassee. Miami is the certainly the most popular and the most populous urban area in Florida. Florida has the longest coastline in the United States with approximately 1,350 miles. It borders with the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.


Weather is mostly warm in Florida, it’s characterized as subtropical in the north to tropical in the south. Good news for everyone moving there, bring the summer clothes and swimsuits! Check the following site to find out more about weather differences between Houston and the city in Florida.


Florida is famous for various animals who live there. Some of them are:

1. American alligator
2. American crocodile
3. Manatee 
4. Florida panther


Tourism is one of the main sources of income in Florida so you are likely to find a job position in the tourism sector. Besides tourism, agriculture is the second largest industry in Florida. Due to its hot weather Florida produces mostly citrus fruit, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit etc. Florida is the leader in power boat production.


If you have pupils and students in tour family don’t worry about their education when you relocate to Florida. Each schools district in Florida has Board of Education whose representatives take care of the quality of education. Some of the popular elementary schools are:

– Durbin Creek Elementary School
– Ocean Palms Elementary School

Here’s the list of some of the universities Florida has to offer:

– Stetson University, the first private university
– Florida Memorial University
– Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
– Florida Atlantic University
– Florida Gulf Coast University
– Florida Polytechnic University

Are you definitely determined to relocate to Florida after this article? Don’t waste a second and contact Long Distance Moving Experts today and allow our long distance movers to help you to move to your new home!

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