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Are you planning a long distance move from Hoboken to New Mexico? You are wondering which company can provide the full moving service you need? Don’t waste your time anymore! Long Distance Moving Experts is the right company for you!

Long Distance Moving Experts is one of the best affordable long distance moving companies in the country. Besides the physical work, our long distance movers offer numerous moving tips to our clients. You can trust our experienced crew to get your job done quickly and at acceptable prices. Long Distance Moving Experts offer full moving service. This includes both packing and transportation of your stuff. When it comes to packing, our long distance movers have invested in the state-of-the-art moving material that proved to be working well for our customers. Our long distance movers will do their best to the secure your personal belongings in the moving process. Keeping your stuff safe is our priority. We can offer our moving boxes or tell you where you can find large moving boxes for example.

Don’t worry if you have no previous experience in packing. Long Distance Moving Experts’ crew will get that job done for you in fast and professional manner. Moreover, Long Distance Moving Experts offers reliable car transport to another state. If you contact our representatives you will get all the necessary information about the moving process. Our long distance movers will organize our moving trucks and offer moving help so that you can move to your new house in no time!

Do you know that our Hoboken movers can help you with auto transport, too? We will ship your car from an to any city in the United States. Our long distance movers are experienced, reliable and ready to answer all your questions regarding car shipping or any other service. Now, let’s see what options are included in the auto transport service. First of all, we need you to tell us what type of carrier you need. An open carrier is more affordable, very popular and safe. However, you should know that your car will be exposed to different weather conditions and dirt on the road. If you want to avoid that our long distance movers suggest you opt for an enclosed carrier. Hoboken movers can also give you advice if you are indecisive.

You have heard that long distance moving can be a stressful experience? Not if you hire Long Distance Moving Experts! We have the necessary experience in the field. Choose us to find out why we are one of the best long distance moving company. Hoboken movers have gathered some useful information about New Mexico, so read on.

New Mexico

New Mexico is the 36th most populous state in the United States of America. As the name suggests, most of the population is of Hispanic origin. Native American influence can be felt in New Mexico as well. All in all, New Mexico is an interesting state to live in. Take a look at the following facts to find out more about the state of New Mexico.


Climate Having lived in New Jersey, you are probably used to the mild and nice weather. Therefore, you should adapt to the New Mexico’s climate easily. New Mexico’s climate is described as semiarid to arid with hot weather and not so much rain. Bring your summer clothes with you!


When you relocate to New Mexico you can come across the following races:

– White American
– American Indian
– Alaska Native
– Black or African American
– Asian
– Native Hawaiian
– Pacific Islander etc.

Observatories in New Mexico

New Mexico has unusually clear skies! Therefore, if you are interested in astronomy you will be glad to hear that there are several astronomical observatories there. The famous are:

1. Remote Astronomical Society Observatory of New Mexico
2. Apache Point Observatory
3. National Solar Observatory
4. Dark Ridge Observatory 
5. Rainbow Park Observatory
6. Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Observatory


New Mexico is known for producing gas and oil. The tourism sector is also developed so you can expect to find a job position here. New Mexico is even the third leading crude oil and natural gas producer in the United States.


When it comes to higher education, the famous universities are:

1. University of New Mexico
2. New Mexico State University
3. Eastern New Mexico University
4. New Mexico Highlands University
5. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
6. Western New Mexico University


When it comes to higher education, the famous universities are:

1. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
2. National Hispanic Cultural Center
3. National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

Are you ready to move to New Mexico now? If so, contact Long Distance Moving Experts today and our long distance movers will get the job done in no time!

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