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What Are the Moving Essentials You’ll Need to Pack for Your New Home

Regardless of the distance of your relocation, there are plenty of things you should think about if you want to finish it in a timely and efficient manner. Packing all the moving essentials is certainly one of the vital tasks, besides making a relocation checklist and a viable budget.

With our handy tips, we’ve got you covered. Having all your necessities easily accessible during your move and in the first few days in your new home will make your life that much easier and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

So, let’s find out what those basic things that make relocation easier are.

Decide What Moving Essentials to Get Before the Relocation Day

Preparatory steps for relocation are typically stressful, especially if you don’t stick to your plans and schedules. Checklists with moving essentials usually mitigate this process, and it’s of crucial importance not to overlook some of the items listed there. Of course, it’s up to you to choose what to take depending on your lifestyle habits and the condition of your future home, but certain things often stay the same.

Keep in mind that overpacking might be as harmful as forgetting to bring something of great significance, such as bedding or a first-aid kit. With the right checklist, the packing will go smoothly. So, let’s take a look at what items your list should contain.

With a Moving Checklist, You Can’t Go Wrong

When planning a relocation, you can lower your stress levels and make moving activities a hassle-free experience if you employ a pre-packing checklist. Organizing and proper sorting of your belongings before the relocation can reduce stress and overall costs.

Your moving checklist should be organized by stages which include:

  • Seeking price quotes for moving services and comparing them
  • Doing some research about your future place and getting all information related to your kids’ school
  • Finding packing materials (boxes, paper, bubble wrap, etc.)
  • Determining all final preparations with your mover, including storage options, the final relocation date, and moving insurance
  • Defining which things you are going to move, what to dispose of, where to donate unwanted items, sell them, or what not to pack
  • Packing the important documents and a survival kit
  • On the evening of your move, don’t forget to put in your luggage a mini-toolkit, batteries, chargers, and fully charge your mobile phone and other communication gadgets

A First-Aid Kit Is a Must

You probably won’t forget to hire a professional mover or to pack your clothes into boxes, but there is a high chance of overlooking your first-aid kit. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen all the time, especially when relocating. That’s why you shouldn’t lose sight of several important items:

  • Medicines
  • Anti-inflammatory creams and sprays
  • Bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes
  • Cold pack and muscle pain relief cream

What Items to Pack From Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is so much more than a cooking area; it is a spot where a family creates bonds and happy memories, preparing delicious meals, and enjoying inspiring moments. It is also a spot where people like to spend their time. With that in mind, make sure to bring essentials necessary for your little rituals and sweet habits.

These Kitchen Supplies Can Lift Your Spirits

Keep in mind that, after moving into your new apartment, the most challenging part is unpacking after relocation and placing everything where it belongs. However, bringing several basic appliances and smaller utensils will provide you with relief when it comes to the first-morning coffee or a delicious brunch:

  • Water glasses and mugs
  • Plates and bowls
  • Pots and cookie sheets
  • Coffee maker, toaster, microwave, blender
  • Food storage containers
  • Cutlery

Don’t Forget About the Living Room

The living room is the place where you usually sit to take a break and put a pillow behind your back. In addition to positioning your comfy couch in the spot where you like it the most, take into consideration your television, especially if you’re a film buff. A cable box or streaming device might be the second most important thing to unpack as soon as you enter your front door.

Determine Your Priorities

Of course, you’ll pay more attention to stuff that is vital to your preferred lifestyle. Some people can’t imagine their evenings without some extra lighting, while to others, the top priority is assembling a bookshelf or TV cabinet. If these are things without which you can’t imagine your daily routine, then you should definitely bring them.

Double-Check Bathroom Items

Imagine getting a shower after a day full of unpacking and lifting boxes, but there are no towels or shampoo in sight. Yes, that can be quite frustrating. To avoid similar, unintentional omissions, make sure to pack your bathroom supplies or buy new ones and have them ready for your first night in the new home. Also, after settling down, don’t forget to clean your tub and scrub the toilet.

Don’t Forget Cleaning Supplies, Bathroom Storage Solutions, and Toilet Paper

Your future apartment will require extra cleaning, and don’t think this can wait until tomorrow. If you want to spend your first night in a freshly cleaned bedroom or take a bath in a shiny bathtub, there are several cleaning supplies you should bring with you, including laundry detergent, antibacterial cleaners, and cleaning solvents. And, of course, his royal highness,  toilet paper.

Check out what chemical sets and hazardous items movers won’t move and refrain from packing them. After reaching your new home, purchase new supplies, or bring some with you in your own vehicle. Just keep in mind to pack them carefully and safely.

Also, take into consideration to bring with you a bathroom storage solution that would be ideal for your new space. For example, a dresser-style vanity or floor-to-ceiling shelving are perfect pieces that offer plenty of storage room.

Clean and Fresh Bedding Is All You Need for Your Bedroom

After the move and a really long day spent on the road, your only wish will likely be to have a good night’s sleep. The bed only will not be enough, but a lot of other tidbits will make your apartment bedroom a tranquil place to fall asleep:

  • Bed frame and box springs
  • Closet storage options
  • Curtains and shades
  • Clean bed linen
  • Decoration

Additional Items for the Final Touch

Remember that your bedroom is a place where you begin and finish each day. So, giving a little extra attention to it can provide you with your own piece of heaven. With these additional pieces, you can achieve your goal:

  • Dressing table
  • Comfortable seat
  • Reading lamp
  • Alarm clock
  • Decorative pillows, rugs, cozy blankets
  • Wall art

Miscellaneous: What Else Is There?

Of course, there are always things that can be easily forgotten to pack or even overlooked in all that hurry and stress caused by the relocation process. Here is our list of several handy items you will welcome during the exhausting trip:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Tissues
  • Sewing kit
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Light bulbs
  • Umbrella
  • Snacks

Advantages of a Moving Essential Checklist: Even the Longest Relocation Will Be a Piece of Cake

When relocating, you should take into consideration plenty of different things that you shouldn’t forget. Among them, some moving essentials are of paramount importance when starting from scratch. That said, you want to feel relaxed and cozy in your new home, and forgetting your favorite book, mug, or lamp could be a real disappointment.

To prevent that, create your checklist, and jot down not only your main household belongings, professional long distance movers, and their packing services, but all these tidbits that give a special note to each day in your life. That’s how you’ll turn your relocation into a manageable effort, and your first day in a new home into a great experience and a cherished memory.

What are you moving?

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