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Our Charlotte movers can handle relocations to and from Charlotte

Are you moving from Charlotte to the capital of Arizona and need help with the moving process? You are in the right place because Long Distance Moving Experts is the company for you!

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You don’t have much experience in long distance moving and you are not sure what to with your vehicle. Choose auto transport service and our Charlotte movers will do the job for you. Why should you stress out not knowing how the car shipping procedure functions? Hire our moving company and relax. The only thing you will have to do is to choose the option regarding auto transport. For example, depending on your situation and budget limit you will tell us whether you need a door to door delivery or terminal to terminal delivery. Those of you who are on a tight budget will probably want the terminal to terminal option, which is more affordable. Similarly, the cheaper of two carriers is an open one. However, an enclosed carrier is slightly more expensive for a reason; your vehicle will be transported in a fully covered space. Charlotte movers can successfully transport your vehicle to Phoenix, Arizona. However, our moving company works in many locations which means that we can help you no matter what your location is.

With Long Distance Moving Experts you need no previous experience in moving. Our long distance movers will help you with the packing so that everything is prepared for the safe transport. Moreover, we can offer you moving supplies and materials such as moving boxes. In addition, if you need any moving and packing tips, don’t hesitate to contact our Charlotte movers representatives.

Moving to another state is not an easy task to do, but with Long Distance Moving Experts, you have nothing to worry about! We are the best long distance moving company for a reason! If you have a car we can provide you with reliable vehicle transportation to another state. Once you hear how much it costs to transport a car with us, you will be amazed by how affordable our prices are! Read the following facts to get to know Phoenix better before you move there.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the capital of the state of Arizona. It is the sixth most populous city nationwide with more than one million residents. Phoenix is the center of the Phoenix metropolitan area known as the Valley of the Sun.


Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate, so expect hot weather when you move there. Summers are very hot and winters are mild. Phoenix receives the most sunshine of any other major city on Earth. Bring your summer clothes and sunglasses with you and enjoy the sunshine!


The city’s culture and arts scene can rival that of other cities in the country. If you want to know more about the conflux of Native American and Hispanic cultures in this part of the state, you can head on to Heard Museum. For contemporary and classical artworks from around the world, the Phoenix Art Museum is ready to amaze you. Even street art in some parts of Phoenix is worth looking at. And the best way to end any culture trip is to have a go at the city’s genuine servings of Mexican cuisine. Phoenix has many museums and other cultural treasure. Some of the famous places you should visit are:

Phoenix Art Museum
Arizona Capitol Museum
Heard Museum
Arizona Science Center
Desert Botanical Gardens
Phoenix Zoo
Musical Instrument Museum
Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park
South Mountain Park


If you are moving here with your family, we have good news – Phoenix has a number of great universities and colleges to offer. Some of them are:

Arizona State University
University of Arizona
Northern Arizona University
Phoenix College
Barrow Neurological Institute
Grand Canyon University
The University of Phoenix
Arizona Summit Law School
And many more.

Are you ready to relocate to Phoenix from Charlotte? Contact Long Distance Moving Experts today for more information and let our long distance movers help you get to your new home!

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