Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure While Moving

Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure While Moving

Moving is one of the most difficult and stressful parts of our lives. We do it on average once every seven years. It’s a time when we can lose things. It’s time we can  break some things. It’s time we’re at risk. Though moving is always challenging, but proper planning can help you keep your valuables safe and relieve some of the inevitable stress. Being able to have security and safety measures in place helps make your transition a smooth experience. Here are some practices that you can follow to help keep your belongings secure while you are moving.

Pack smart

Moving belongings from one destination to another is never a pleasant process. There should be steps involved if you want your  move to run smoothly, and you should begin by believing in the power of lists. Make lists of everything. Write down every item you’ll be packing, from books to kitchen appliances, and check each thing off as you put it in a box. If you’re feeling especially obsessive, take note of which box you’re putting the thing into. This may mean numbering the boxes or creating a system of box identification. There’s no harm in knowing exactly where everything should be when you get to your new place.

Keep important things safe

Place important papers or expensive or sentimental jewelry in a safety deposit box. Create a smile pile and box up things you’ll move. Be sure to label these boxes correctly and inform everyone in the moving process of your intentions. You can also leave them with a trustworthy friend or relative and pick up after you’re moved.

Storing your belongings during a move

Many people choose to place some belongings in storage to get their new home move-in ready, or for some other reason. This can be a great idea if handled correctly, or a nightmare if common mistakes aren’t avoided. As soon as you decide that you’re going to move and realize that you will need storage services, reserve a unit. Doing so will allow you to start packing in the early phase of relocation, instead of waiting until the last minute.

Create a detailed inventory of your stored items

Creating a detailed inventory of your belongings may seem like a lot of extra work but is essential to ensure that they’re all accounted for during a big move or a home renovation project. If you just don’t have enough time to catalog all of your things, then at least include your most valuable possessions. This way, you’ll know if something is missing right away when you begin unpacking.

Keep valuables with you

If you travel by car or plane, the small stuff that is important such as papers, medicine, and jewelry can stay with you. Carry them in a bag and don’t let it out of your sight. Here is a short list of the things that people typically choose to bring with them during long-distance moves:

  • Medications
  • All forms of ID like birth certificates, passports, and other
  • Valuable pieces of jewelry
  • Photos
  • Sentimental items
  • Personal electronics
  • Important documents

Get moving insurance

Check in with your home insurance agent to find out what is covered during the moving process. If you have particular concerns, agent may be able to offer additional coverage during the process. Also can help adjust your policy depending on your new home.

Be conscious of moving day problems

The big moving day has a lot of activity and doors are left open, people come and go, and it’s a great time for would-be thieves to check the place out. So, try to have a trustworthy person at both ends. Be sure they are aware of who is in your home and their purpose. Don’t schedule too many services at one time, especially if you aren’t around to watch their actions.

Stay off social media

Selfies showing of your crown jewels can only bring trouble. Another thing you shouldn’t publish is the move itself. Maybe you want friends to gaze enviously at your new home, but save it for the housewarming party. Not everything you post stays with just friends.

Be vigilant

Once you’ve got all of your belongings to your new property, it’s important to remain vigilant. Keep all vehicles containing your valuables locked, especially if they’re left on the street. Do not leave high-value items lying around as you unpack, as burglars have been known to target houses that have been recently moved into.

Use professional movers

Renting and driving a moving van are additional tasks you shouldn’t have to do. Instead, use professional movers such as Long Distance Moving Experts to pack individual items, load and unload the truck, and drive. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. After all, we are professional movers for a good reason. With us, you won’t have to worry about lifting and carrying any of your large and valuable furniture down the stairs and out the door. Also, with Long Distance Moving Experts you won’t have to worry about scratching up new floors or begging friends to help with the lifting or straining muscles. The best thing is that with Long Distance Moving Experts, all your belongings are insured. The insurance takes effect from the moment our professional movers begin handling your items (be it for packing, or directly loading them into a moving truck) until they are delivered to your desired destination or unpacked by our professional packers.

The practices listed above will be a great deal of help during your move, and they will ensure that you foster and implement security practices that will make your move a breeze. The important thing to remember is that planning is key in this situation, so take the time to plan your move right, and you will be able to give all your belongings the security that they require.

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